In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - An original yuri romance

two feathery wings, rising over a background of spattered bloodHi all, each week (probably on Saturday) I will post a chapter of the scripts I wrote for an original yuri romance comic. I hope you enjoy!

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello"
 by Jaime Lustig

It's the second year of high-school. On her first day, Eriko, a mysterious and troubled transfer student, trips over Yuka, a delicate and curious classmate. Why can't they take their eyes off each other? Why isn't Yuka saying anything? 

As they come to understand each other, they learn that Yuka has no voice and Eriko has no memories and no past. In fact, Eriko was found only days before by an old man. She was abandoned and hurt and vicious like a scared animal. 

What happens when two damaged souls collide? Something keeps drawing them together, but will that same force also push them apart? 

Chapter 1 - "First Day - Part 1"
Chapter 2 - "First Day - Part 2"
Chapter 3 - "Second Day - Part 1" 
Chapter 38 - "Is this a Date?" (added 6/13/2020)


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