Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Sound Workshop Series 34 Console Manual - Complete Scan

Hi all, this post has nothing to do with my normal anime and manga reviews. I used to be in the music business and worked with an old Sound Workshop Series 34 console

When we mothballed the console, I kept a bunch of channel strips and over the years turned them into rack mount preamps and EQs

Another thing I kept was the full manual. This manual is almost impossible to find anywhere (I couldn't find a complete scan, just bits an pieces). However, I was missing a couple pages. But after much hunting, I was able to find the missing pages and complete an entire scan of the manual for those out there with the console or looking to use the channel strips you can get on ebay from time to time. 

So enjoy, I present you with the Sound Workshop Series 34 Console manual (and yes, the cover page is fake, designed by me, because I was missing the real one):

Sound Workshop Series 34 Console Manual cover page - clicking opens a link to the pdf scan


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