Friday, December 22, 2023

Emanon Vol. 4 - Emanon Wander Part Three (Manga review)

A teen girl in a school sailor uniform with a flowering tree behind her. She has a serious expression on her face.
    I didn't think this volume would ever come out. But it popped up on my Amazon recommendations, and so I rushed to purchase "Emanon Vol.4 - Emanon Wander Part Three." This is the continuing manga adaptation of a series of short stories about a woman who has all the memories of all her mothers before her back to the beginning of life on Earth. 
    The series is very much of its time, meaning when the original short stories were written in the 1980s. However, the premise is still interesting and the art in the manga is extraordinary. It's different, it's loose and tight at the same time, it's evocative, and very much evokes the earnestness of the series. And while the series is a bit self-serious, that's okay too because it lends an aura of transcendence that the art beautifully enhances.
    All that said, this volume felt weaker than some of the others, looser, and a bit disjointed. We get some new insight into other aspects of her existence and history, meet some important new characters that appear likely to recur, but overall it's just not quite as tight a volume as some of the others. Still interesting.
    What is most fascinating to me, is that I was expecting this to the final volume, but it ends with a "to be continued" and some setups that beg to be explored and resolved in future volumes. Here's hoping that we'll get those a bit faster than the time between this and the previous volume.


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