In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - Chapter 57

 "In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is a yuri comic I wrote. I can't draw so I'm posting the scripts here for you to enjoy.

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" - by Jaime Lustig

Chapter 57

"School Festival - Part 1"



It’s dusk. Shiori is at home with her husband and child. The boys are watching something on TV.


Shiori: "Keishi, what do you think about inviting Aiko to stay with us during her winter break?"


Keishi Handa: "That's fine, it'll be good for you two to have some more time together."


Shiroi (to herself): "She probably needs some time away from that place too."


Shiori calls Aiko on the phone. the phone rings.   


Woman: "Okumura residence, how may I help you?"


Shiori: "Hello, this is Shiori Handa, Aiko's sister. Is she in?"


Woman: "I'm sorry, Okumura-sama is not at home at the moment."


Shiori: “Oh, do you know if she’ll be back soon?”


Maid: “My apologies Handa-san, but Okumura-sama tends to not be very forthcoming with her plans.”


Shiori (to herself): "Hmmm, what a delicate way to put it."


Shiori: “Okay, please let her know that I called.”


Maid: “Very well, good evening.”


Shiori: “Good Bye.”


Shiori (to herself): “What are you up to this late on a school night?”




The moon is high in the sky. In a dark room with a full-wall window looking out onto the night sky is a man. He is sitting, staring at a cell phone. His face is illuminated in harsh chiaroscuro by the glare of the phone screen in the darkness. We get the sense, despite the room being sparse, and traditional, that there is considerable wealth.


Man (to himself): “Is she really coming? I hope she’s not late like the last one. Must keep to a schedule, must stay on schedule. They don’t like it when I’m late. Must keep them happy, must feed them quickly..."


We see a tall young lady, finely dressed with long dark hair, she looks like Aiko. We only see her from behind so we can't be sure. She is standing on a street, in a well-to-do area with bars and shops. An expensive car pulls up next to her. She opens the door and gets in.


Back in the room with the man and the phone. A knock on the door. He closes the phone lid.


Servant: "Sir, I've brought her."


Man: "That's good, that's good. Bring her in."


We see the young woman from behind as she enters the room, she can see the man who has been waiting for her.


Man (to the woman): "Please, do come in."


Man (to the servant): "You can go now."


Servant: "Very good sir."


Man (to the woman): "Shall we bathe first?"


We see them in a very luxurious bathroom. She slowly takes her dress off, letting it slide off her onto the floor, seductively but not overly so, again a refined quality to her every movement. He is washing her, but due to the camera angle and the steam, we can never see her face clearly, just her long slender body, long dark hair, her carefully considered movements. He is taking care in washing her. Next we see them in the bath (it's a huge expensive one), she is in front of him, sitting between his legs. Her long hair flowing out on the surface of the bath water. They look very relaxed.


We are in the large room now, against one wall is a large bed. The room is dark other than moonlight from the giant window. Due to the size and shape of the room, the moonlight only hits the foot of the bed in a harsh white streak across it, the rest remains in shadow. We see her lay herself down in the center of the bed. He begins to caress the length of her arm, up to her hand. He takes her arm and stretches it out towards the headboard where he takes a strap of some sort and binds her wrist to the bed.


Woman: "Oh, Is that how..."


The man puts a finger against her lips (we're zoomed in so close that we still cannot see her face - leaving the audience to continue to assume it is Aiko).


Man: "Shhh, don't wake them yet."


The man repeats the process with her other arm. He then reaches under a pillow and pulls something out.


Woman: "Wait, what are you..."


He again puts his finger over her lips so silence her.


Man: "Mustn't speak, mustn't speak."


He then reaches back with an arm and plunges down, it is unclear to us exactly what happened and what object he had pulled out from under the pillow.


Next, we see the man is sitting on the end of a bed, from behind him, we can see the feet of the young woman. He's sweaty, he's also cleaning blood off a knife.


Man: "Too quick, that was too quick, they're still hungry, they're always hungry, never enough, never enough, even with that one look, oh that look, right before, so delicious..."


A brilliant flash of bright blue light. The man is temporarily stunned. He looks up in shock/awe.


Man: "Who...Who are you? Are you here to feed them too? But you don't look like her, will you make them happy?"


We turn to see that Eriko, as the angel Raguel, has appeared.


Eriko: "Move!"


She easily throws him off the bed and against the wall, he hits hard. He's stunned and dazed, and staring at Eriko. She leans over the bed to see the young woman naked in bed, her hands tied to the headboard, a sheet partially over her body, her long dark hair a mess over her face obscuring it, a pool of blood under her head. It still looks like it could be Aiko.


Eriko: "No, no...It couldn't be..."


Man: "I didn't hurt her, she's still perfect and pure, I would never do that, I just had to feed them, don't you understand? Isn't that why you're here?"


Eriko (speaking to the body): "Is that really you?"


Eriko brushes aside the hair to reveal the girl's face, it isn't Aiko. Eriko sighs audibly.


Eriko (to herself): "It isn't her. Thank god, it isn't her."


Eriko turns around, more calmly now to face the man. She walks over to him, he scrunches up against the wall.


Man: "Are you them? Did I not do enough to feed you? I tried, I tried so very hard to feed you."


Eriko: "I was too late to save her, but you shall never have another chance to feed your demons."


Eriko unleashes her sword across his neck, severing his head leaving a streaked splatter of blood across the wall behind him as his lifeless body falls to the ground. Eriko goes over to the girl. She gently unties each hand and places them at her side. She straights the hair more, clearing her face. She pulls up a sheet over the girl, and kisses the girl's cheek through the sheet. Then the brilliant light flashes again.




All black with the lights of Kami-sama and Eriko's mother.


Eriko's mother: "She truly loves them."


Kami-sama: "Yes, perhaps too much."


Eriko's mother: "She is already more like them than us now."


Kami-sama: "And yet, she still hesitates."




It's early morning. We see the buzz of setup for the school festival. There are booths outside the school, and the inside of the school is decorated with other activities set up within the classrooms. Students are running to and fro getting ready. Aiko and Kiko are walking down the hall towards their classrooms. Aiko is not really "with it" - she looks tired, and unfocused.


Kiko: "Want to meet up on your break today to walk around?"


Aiko: "Huh, oh, sure, that would be fine."


Kiko: "Man, you've got quite the look on your face. You okay?"


Aiko: "Fine."


Kiko (sarcastically): "Well, don't be too excited about today!"


Aiko: "You do know what our class is doing don't you?"


Kiko: "Yeah, so what?"

Aiko: "I can't believe I have to debase myself by dressing like a man."


Kiko: "Well, I guess that's what happens when you're not there for the vote!"


Aiko: "But why chose me for a butler?"


Kiko: "Remind me, how are your cooking skills?"


Aiko: "Hmmm, good point."


Kiko: "Hahahaha."


At this point, Aiko is about to enter her classroom. It's completely decorated with tables with linen as well as cooking stations. There is Yuka, doing food prep-work, with her hair pinned back, in a cute little apron. Aiko can't help but stare at her.


Aiko (to herself): "At least we won't be working together..."


Kiko notices Aiko staring at Yuka.


Kiko (to herself): "Oh, I see..."


Kiko: "Well, make the most of it, I'll be sure to swing by to check out your new look!"


Aiko: "I shall wait with baited breath."


Kiko is laughing and patting Aiko on the shoulder. Aiko is non-reactive. Yuka notices them, she has a soft but sad smile on her face. She starts to leave the food prep area to go over to Aiko. Just then a bunch of girls from the class come up to Aiko, blocking Yuka from her.


Girl: "Okumura-san! We've been waiting all morning! We need to do the final costume fitting."


Just as they are saying this, Eriko (elsewhere in the room) is making a fuss as some girls are trying to get her changed. As one accidentally touches her back she winces.


Eriko: "Arghhhh. Wait, what do you think you're..."


Girl 2: "But we need you to change so we can finish the alterations."


Hatsue (to herself): "Oh, her scars..."


Eriko: "I can do this myself, just...not here."


Girl 3: "What does it matter? We're all girls here."


Eriko: "That's not..."


Just as Hatsue is about to stop the girls, Yuka comes up and tugs on Eriko's shirt.


Eriko: "Oh, Ki...Kiyoura-san?"


Yuka starts a little 'I have to pee' dance.


Hatsue (to herself): "Good girl!"


Hatsue: "Why don't you go with Yuka-chan and you can change in the bathroom?"


Aiko is watching this whole scene and they have to pass by where Aiko is being fitted and attended to by the other girls (who are also fitting the remaining butlers). Aiko is following Yuka with her eyes, but when Yuka turns to make eye contact, Aiko turns her head away and speaks to one of the girls sewing a loose hem. Yuka looks downcast at Aiko's body language rejection. Eriko notices this.


Aiko: "Not that short. If I'm going to play a man, I'll need a nice break where the hem hits the shoe."


Girl: "Leave it to Okumura-san to know things like that."


Aiko: "Please, it's common knowledge."


Girl: "Only for people who get to take over large companies when they graduate."


Aiko: "Yes, well, now you know too."


Eriko (to herself): "I can't stand seeing you hurt. If Okumura-san won't make peace, how do I help you forget her?"




In the bathroom. Eriko is standing there with the pile of her clothing waiting for Yuka to enter the stall.


Eriko (to herself): "I have to change quickly, I don't want her to see."


Eriko takes off her uniform. As she begins to take off her tanktop, she notices that blood from the scars on her back has seeped through the tanktop (it sticks a bit to her back as she tries to remove it).


Eriko: "Arghhhhh."


Eriko (to herself): "Its sticking to the blood from last night."


She turns to look at it in the mirror, noticing the streaks of blood that have seeped through. Just as she's noticing this, Yuka leaves the stall and sees her bloody shirt over her back. Eriko quickly turns around so she's facing Yuka (however, her back is now showing in the mirror so Yuka can still see it - defeating the purpose).


Eriko: "It's fine...I'm fine..."


Yuka moves closer and stretches out her hand towards Eriko.


Eriko: "Just go...okay...just go..."


Eriko's head is down at this point. Yuka lowers her arm and leaves. She looks back as she's leaving the doorway. Eriko braces herself with both arms on the countertop.


Eriko (to herself): "Dammit! She saw...what can she possibly think now?"


She raises her head and looks at her uniform shirt on the counter, turns and looks again at her back in the mirror.


Eriko (to herself): "What am I going to do? I don't want to bleed through the dress shirt of the costume."


She reaches behind her back to touch it gently through her tanktop, grimacing as she does. Just then the door opens and she swings around wildly to face whomever it is coming through. Her eyes widen when it's Yuka, carrying gauze and paper-tape. Yuka stretches her arms out, with the stuff, towards Eriko.


Eriko: "Wh...what is that for?"


Yuka walks over and sets them on the counter. She motions for Eriko to turn around.


Eriko: "What are you going to do?"


Yuka puts her hands on Eriko's shoulders and pushes down (she has to step on her tiptoes to do this) and Eriko ends up sitting down on the floor, with her legs pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. Yuka begins to gingerly peel the tank-top up from the bottom off Eriko's back. Eriko is wincing as this is happening (due to the shirt being stuck to the open wounds).


Eriko (to herself): "I...I can't believe this is happening."


But then, the shirt is off and Yuka is about to remove Eriko's bra clasp (in order to get at the scars. Eriko shouts:


Eriko: "STOP! I...I can do that."


Eriko is bright red.


Eriko (to herself): "She was taking it off like it meant nothing to her, like I was just some random girl. Maybe that's all I am to her, maybe I'm the only one thinking dirty thoughts."


She quickly reaches behind and unclasps it herself. We hear the sound of water running. Suddenly something cold touches her back and she straightens up in shock at the cold. Yuka has wet a handkerchief and was daubing at the wounds.


Eriko: " don't...have to do that."


Yuka shakes her head 'no.'


Eriko: "But your handkerchief?"


Yuka smiles and goes back to daubing and Eriko turns back around, burying her face in her knees, blushing as Yuka tenderly washes her back.


Eriko (to herself): "It's sort of like we're taking a bath, and she's washing me. Stop it, Eriko! What are you thinking, you're a pervert! But...but what if...what if someday..."


Yuka then takes and places gauze on one wound and tapes over it, then the other. Yuka gets up and goes around in front of Eriko. Eriko has to look up and sees that Yuka is right in front of her kneeling down so they are face to face. Eriko has been blushing this whole time and she sees Yuka's smiling face right in hers. She quickly turns her face to the side and asks:


Eriko: "Is it done?"


Yuka nods her head 'yes' happily.


Eriko (shyly): "Thank you."


She stands up, using an arm to hold the bra over her breasts. She turns to look at her back in the mirror to see two long bandages of gauze taped over her wounds.


Eriko: " feels...better."


Yuka beams and turns around to face the stalls and covers her eyes.


Eriko (to herself): "Oh, I guess she's giving me privacy to change."


Time passes


Eriko: "Okay, I'm done."


Yuka turns around to see Eriko dressed in the fancy man's clothes for the butler cafe. She is princely with her hair tied back in a ponytail. Yuka's eyes widen and she blushes.


Eriko: " it...okay?"


Yuka takes her hand in hers and shakes her head 'yes.'


Eriko (to herself): "I don't get it, one minute you're taking off my bra like it's nothing, the next you're looking at me like that? What are you thinking?"


Eriko: "We better...get back then."


She goes to pick up her clothes, including the bloody tank-top and sees the wet, bloodstained handkerchief.


Eriko: "I'll...I'll wash this...but it''s probably ruined...but..."


Yuka sets her hand on top of Eriko's hand which is on top of the handkerchief and gives Eriko a little smile.





We see Ishihara walking up to the front of the school. There are banners out front.


Ishihara: “I guess this is it, I hope it’s okay that I came.”


As he’s walking in through the front courtyard he’s being solicited to try various dishes from the food stands or play various carnival games.


Girl: “Would you like a sample?”


Ishihara: “Oh, thank you. MMmmm, it’s very good.”


Girl: “The stall is right over there if you’d like some more.”


Ishihara: “Thanks, maybe later.”


Girl: “Why the rush?”


Ishihara: “Well, there’s someone I have to see.”


Some girls are talking about him.


Girl 2: “Did you hear that? He’s here to see someone?”


Girl 3: “He’s pretty good looking, I wonder if he plays sports.”


Ishihara makes his way down the halls of the school, past haunted houses, poetry readings, fortune tellers, science exhibits, etc…


Ishihara: “I think she said her class was…”


Right as he stops in front of the door, he’s greeted by Aiko who is dressed as a butler and at first is welcoming him perfunctorily, per the script, before recognizing who he is.


Aiko: “Welcome Sir to the butler cafe, may I take your…oh, it’s you…”


Ishihara: “You know me?”


Aiko: “You’re Fujimaki-san’s right?”


Ishihara (to himself): “Fujimaki-san’s what exactly?”


Ishihara: “Oh, Okumura-san? I didn’t recognize you.”


Aiko: "I am truly thankful for that."


Ishihara: "Ha, okay...Is Fujimaki-chan here?”


Aiko: “She’s cooking.”


Ishihara (to himself): “Oh, I kinda wanted to see her dressed up as a butler, too."


Aiko grudgingly moves aside and lets him in. As he enters he sees various students waiting on tables in butler outfits, then he sees the cooking station and there is Hatsue in an apron, cooking, giving orders to other cooks, basically managing the kitchen.


Hatsue: “X-san, table 3 needs two more orders...K-san, careful not to burn the need more eggs...send S-san to get them…”


Ishihara (to himself): “Wow, she’s really amazing, I’ve never seen her so confident before.”


Hatsue looks up and sees Ishihara there, all of a sudden she’s flustered.


Hatsue: “I...Ishihara-kun?”


Girls chattering off to the side:


Girl: “Who’s that?”


Girl2: “It looks like he knows Fujimaki-san.”


Girl: “You don’t suppose they’re dating do you?”


Ishihara goes over to the cooking area.


Ishihara: “You look amazing...I mean, back there...I mean, you’re working really hard.”


Hatsue: “Oh, um, thanks.”


Eriko comes up behind him not recognizing him at first. She recites her lines dryly and not paying focused attention.


Eriko: “May I show you to your seat, sir?”


Ishihara turns around and is stunned by Eriko's elegant beauty.


                Ishihara: "Gasp."


Eriko (dry and sarcastic): “Oh, it’s you.”


Hatsue: “Eriko-chaaaaan!”


Ishihara: “Hahahaha, What’s with the service here?”


Eriko: “Time to take your seat.”


As he's being led away by Eriko,


Hatsue: “I’m...I’m so glad you came.”


Eriko shoves him away towards a table. Ishihara calls out to Hatsue as he's being led to his table.


Ishihara: “When’s your break?”


Hatsue: “In an hour?”


Ishihara: “I’ll pick you up.”






Yuka enters the room, also in a cooking apron and chef’s hat. Carrying some food supplies from storage. She brings it over to Hatsue who is back to directing traffic.


Hatuse: “Yuka-chan! Thank you, we were just about out.”


Yuka smiles and nods 'yes' and goes over to one of the hot-plate cooking stations. She's making a crepe. At one point, she looks up and sees Eriko waiting on tables, looking princely. She’s awestruck. Suddenly someone yells.


Girl: “Kiyoura-san, it’s burning!”


Yuka quickly comes back to reality to see her blackened crepe. She quickly takes it off the burner and dumps it onto a plate. She makes an apologetic face. Hatsue comes over.


Hatsue: “You’ve been working hard all morning, why don’t you take a break.”


Yuka shakes 'no,' waves a hand that she’s fine.


Hatsue: “Well, it might actually help if you could keep Eriko-chan away from Ishihara-kun.”


Hatsue points out that Eriko is glowering over him with a dark aura. Hatsue and Yuka exchange a laugh at the scene.


Eriko: “Are you done yet?”


Ishihara: “I figured I’d just kill time until Fujimaki-chan is ready.”


Eriko: “We need the table.”


Toshi motions to other empty tables.


Ishihara: “But there are other…”


Right then, Yuka comes over and tugs on Eriko’s shirt.


Eriko: “Oh, Ki...Kiyoura-san, everything okay?”


Ishihara (to himself): “Why can she yell at me like it’s nothing, but she can’t talk easily to her own friend?”


Yuka nods 'yes,' and points up to the clock which shows 11:30am.


Eriko: “Oh, it’s my break time.”


Eriko facing Ishihara.


Eriko: “You had better be gone when I get back."


Ishihara: “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.”


Eriko gives him a stare, he gets the chills. Eriko turns around and starts to briskly out of the room. Yuka is following behind her. As Eriko gets out into the hall she stops suddenly for a second to think and Yuka bumps into her from behind. Eriko turns around and Yuka smiles up at her.


Eriko: “Oh, Kiyoura-san? Um...did you…”


Eriko (to herself): “Wait, remember, take the lead, don’t be passive!”


Eriko: “I mean, do you have a break now too?”


Yuka nods 'yes.'


Eriko: “Then, maybe, we could, um...walk around...together?”


Yuka nods 'yes' vigorously and takes Eriko’s hand and starts running down the hall, pulling Eriko after her.


Eriko: “W...w...wait!”


Hatsue, watching this little scene.


Hatsue (to herself): "Ahhh, so cute but so frustrating!"

(to be continued...)

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