Sunday, July 7, 2024

Temporary (or permanent) Break?

Hi all. It looks like I will be taking a long break from posting. Not sure if it will be forever or not. But don’t worry, it’s all for good things. 

I’m engaged!!!! And we just bought a house!!!!! And life is busy and wonderful. 

I’m still reading a lot of manga and watching a little bit of anime (can’t find many series I’m interested in without subscribing to a million services - blurg) but just don’t have time to post about them. 

As you probably noticed, the last time I came back from a break I really shortened the length of posting. Even that would be too much right now but I also really missed the longer form postings I used to do. So this is a break for now or forever. Not sure yet. Sorry and miss you all already. 


Please legitimately purchase or borrow manga and anime. Never read scanlations or watch fansubs. Those rob the creators of the income they need to survive and reduce the chance of manga and anime being legitimately released in English.

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