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Even Though We're Adults vol. 7 (manga review)

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    Even Though We're Adults vol. 7 (Seven Seas) by Takako Shimura really moves the relationship between Ayano and Akari along. I won't give too many spoilers, but it's a volume filled with them getting to know each other and making commitments. It's nice to see after the previous 6 volumes that this relationship is going to take another step. Not that I'm complaining about the pace. I love that it's been a messy journey so far, it's one of the things that make Takako Shimura's manga so compelling.
    The volume focuses on Akari and Ayano taking next steps, but it also continues the story of the middle school student and her problems with her friends. Things escalate to the point where she stops going to school. Along the way, the parents also find out about Ayano's affair and divorce and she ultimately is forced to come out to all the parents and as a result decides to move on to a new school for the upcoming school year.
    The volume concludes with Ayano and Akari getting to know each other better and making a big decision. No spoilers on that!
    The art continues to be consistent with Takako Shimura's other series. The faces have a generally more "cartoony" than realistic look and there isn't a lot of detail in the panels. Sometimes there will be a background shot that makes me think an assistant did it, but who knows. It's the loose art she's known for, neither good nor bad, but just what she does. If you liked it (or didn't mind it) in her other series, then you'll have no trouble here. Not my favorite art by far, but passable. 
    I'm glad to see this series continuing to go places and explore this adult relationship. It's nice to get some josei yuri from one of the best mangaka's out there. 


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