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My Cute Little Kitten volume 2 (manga review)

Two adult women in lingerie, one on the couch, the other touching her leg and hair seductively
 My Cute Little Kitten volume 2 can best be summed up as relatively trashy but also at least attempting some level of introspection into the characters. Yuna is proving to be quite complex in her head and volume 2 spends it's time with her spinning over a variety of things, however, some progress is made by the end of the volume. Volume 3 isn't out yet, but volume 2 definitely isn't the end of the series either.
    It's very fast paced which doesn't give as much time to understand the somewhat drastic swings in mood of Yuna. It's relatively light overall. I wouldn't even call the internal drama really dramatic. The series has so much light comedy, sex, and fast pacing that it doesn't actually feel dramatic even when it should. 
    I'm not a huge fan of Milk Morinaga's art, but it's consistent across all their works. Something about the faces aren't quite right to me, but whatever. There's also lots of sex, I mean LOTS of sex. And just about everything is depicted (with just the most sensitive parts left ambiguous). This is not for children by any means.  
    Are you a fan of Milk Morinaga? If so, then you're probably already reading this series. If not, this wouldn't be my first recommendation into their oeuvre. My personal favorite (and I'm sure I'm in the minority) is their work "Secret of the Princess" but there are others considered more classics too if you want to start somewhere. However, if you're new to yuri or looking for high quality yuri, Milk Morinaga isn't probably the place to start. And certainly My Cute Little Kitten isn't either.


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