In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - Chapter 72

 "In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is a yuri comic I wrote, but I can't draw, so I'm posting the scripts here for your enjoyment.

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" by Jaime Lustig

Chapter 72

"Two Dates and a Movie."


Yuka and Eriko are on a train. It's fairly early in the morning. They are sitting pretty close to each other, they are in casual clothes. We see that between them, their fingers are interlocked. Yuka yawns and covers her mouth with her other hand. Eriko turns to her.


Eriko (to herself): "Little by little, letting people see."


Eriko: "If you're tired, you can put your head down."


Yuka gently puts her head against Eriko's shoulder and looks up at her with big eyes. Eriko blushes and turns away. Yuka smiles and closes her eyes. Heart beat sound effects.


                Sound effects: "Ba-dump, ba-dump"


Eriko (to herself): "My heart is racing so fast, can she feel it? Is hers racing too?"




We see scenes of Eriko and Yuka walking through the aquarium, Yuka is running and pointing at things, Eriko following. There's a puffer fish and Yuka puffs up her face in imitation of it, Eriko laughs but tries to stifle it realizing she's in public. As they are walking Eriko sees other couples ("traditional" male and female).


Eriko (to herself): "Do we look like that to other people? What do they think? Do they think we're just friends or do they know we're...more? Do they care?"


As she is looking at the couples, Yuka wanders off. Eriko turns to ask her something and then notices that she isn't there.


Eriko: "Kiyou..."


Eriko (to herself): "Where is she?"


Eriko turns around to see that Yuka has gone over to a touch tank and is playing with a colorful shrimp (like a cleaner shrimp). She touches it and it frills up and curls and she jerks her hand back and makes a giddy face. Eriko walks up next to her. Yuka turns to face Eriko and has this enormous grin on her face, so happy.


Eriko (to herself): "I...I don't care what other people think, not as long as I can keep seeing that smile."


Yuka takes Eriko's hand and puts it in the tank to touch a starfish.


Eriko: "It''s rough. I...I don't think I like it."


Yuka silently laughs at this.


Eriko (to herself): "But her hand on mine is so soft."


They are walking past more exhibits, holding hands still. Eriko is still tracking other couples as they pass by. Yuka notices her looking at a couple and then looks down at her hand in Eriko's and starts to let go.


Eriko: "It''s okay..."


Yuka retakes her hand, holds it against her chest, and smiles up at Eriko. They pass a sign for a dolphin show. Yuka tugs at Eriko's sleeve and points.


Eriko: "Okay."




Aiko walks down the stairs into the main entryway of her home. She's wearing a beautiful little black dress. Her hair is done up and she has a simple necklace on. Very elegant. Waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs is Tayama.


Tayama: "You look absolutely beautiful."


Aiko: "You say that too easily."


Tayama: "You're mistaken, you're the only one who makes me say such embarrassing things."


She's caught off guard by this and blushes. She gathers herself, coughs into her hand to 'reset.'


Aiko: "You still haven't told me where we're going?"


Tayama: "It's a surprise."


Aiko (to herself): "I don't like surprises...anymore."


Aiko: "I'd like to know."


Tayama: "It's okay, we've got to get rolling to make it in time."


Aiko thinks back to the car ride with Hidaka from chapter 63.




Hidaka: “So where are we going?”


Aiko: “I don’t care. Just drive.”


[Flashback over]


Aiko: "It''s not okay!"


She's looking a fierce, but also afraid.


Tayama: "I didn't mean to upset you, it's just..."


Aiko (to herself): "Why won't you tell me? How can you expect me to get in a car with you after...after?"


Aiko: "Just what?"


Tayama: "I don't understand why you're so angry."


Aiko (to herself): "I shouldn't be so stuck on this. It's Tayama-kun, he's always been nice to me. But..."


Aiko: "I need to know. That's all. Is that too much to ask? Maybe we should call this off."


Tayama seeing what is now becoming almost fear in Aiko's eyes, closes his eyes and then reopens them with a softened expression on his face. He tries to take her hands but she jerks them away.


Aiko: "What are you doing?!"


Tayama: "I wanted you to meet someone very special to me today. I thought it would be a nice surprise. I'm sorry."


Aiko: "Special?"


Tayama: "My sister. She's giving her master's recital today at the university. I wanted to introduce you to her."


Aiko: "You wanted me to meet your sister, why?"


Tayama: "Because you're someone very special to me too."




Suzu is on the couch, flipping aimlessly through TV channels. She's in sweat pants and a grubby top.


Suzu: "Is this what it will be like when you graduate?"


She turns the TV off, flops down all the way on the couch. Then, she intentionally rolls off onto the floor. She gets up and slaps herself in the face to get motivated.


Suzu: "Come on!"






Eriko and Yuka are watching the dolphin show. The dolphins are splashing, jumping, hitting balls with their tails, splashing the audience in the first few rows. At one point, the trainer calls the dolphin over to the edge near the audience.


Trainer: "I'm going to need a volunteer for this next part."


People in the audience are waving their hands ecstatically.


Eriko (to herself): "I wouldn't be caught dead..."


She turns to see Yuka standing, jumping up and down waving her arms to be chosen. She gives a stifled laugh.


Eriko: "Pffftt."


Eriko runs her hand through her hair, smiling and sighing.


Eriko (to herself): "I should have known."


Yuka is still waving frantically at the trainer.


Trainer: "You, the little girl up there."


She's pointing at Yuka.


Eriko (to herself): "Huh? Little girl? Is that how people see her? Maybe they think we're sisters when we hold hands."


Yuka is thrilled, looks at Eriko who shrugs, and Yuka goes down to the trainer.


Trainer: "Did you know that dolphins can talk?"


Yuka nods 'yes' enthusiastically.


Trainer: "Why don't you tell the dolphin, and our whole audience, your name?"


She holds the mic up to Yuka, but there's dead silence as Yuka doesn't speak, the audience is stirring during the uncomfortable pause, we hear whispers such as:


Whispers from the audience: "What's wrong?"

"She must be shy."

"Poor thing."


Eriko is panicking.


Eriko (to herself): "Oh no, I should have stopped her!"


Trainer: "It's okay 'hon, don't be shy."


Yuka shakes her head softly 'no' at the trainer and touches her throat. The trainer is caught off guard.


Trainer: "Oh...I see...well...why don't you chose someone else from the audience to join you then?"


Yuka brightens up and points at Eriko. The crowd turns to look at Eriko. Eriko turns bright red with wide eyes, in total shock.


Eriko (to herself): "WHAT?!"


Trainer: "Great, is that your sister?"


Yuka shakes 'no.'


Trainer: "Well, whoever you are, come on down!"


Eriko (to herself): "I can't believe this."


Eriko grudgingly comes to the front. She's got an evil look in her eye at Yuka, Yuka laughs (silently) and smiles a big knowing smile at Eriko.


Eriko (to herself): "Only for you."


Trainer: "Alright, why don't you tell Sammy here your name?"


Eriko speaks into the mic and there is silence following it.


Eriko: "Sammy?"


The entire auditorium erupts in laughter.


Trainer: "Wow, can you believe she has the same name as the dolphin? That's amazing!"


Eriko: "No''s Eriko."


Trainer: "Well that makes more sense, alright Sammy, say 'hi' to Eriko-chan!"


She puts the mic by the dolphin and the dolphin squeaks out a greeting. The audience loves it, Yuka is clapping and grinning ear to ear. Eriko sighs.


                Eriko (to herself): "You have me so completely."




Tayama and Aiko are sitting in the audience in a beautiful concert hall, a solo violinist (Jun Tayama, his sister) is on the stage. She's gorgeous and also phenomenal on the violin. She gives a thrilling concert, the audience erupts in applause and a standing ovation when it's over.


Afterwards, Tayama knocks on the backstage door.


Voice through the door: "Come in."


Tayama and Aiko enter, Jun Tayama only sees her brother, who enters first, and leaps up excitedly and hugs him.


Jun: "You came!"


Tayama: "Of course I came, you were amazing. Congratulations."


Aiko is standing back in the doorway.


Jun: "Thank you so much...oh...who's this?"


Tayama: "Allow me to introduce you, Jun, this is"


Aiko: "Friend, Aiko Okumura, it's a pleasure to meet you, your playing was truly brilliant."


Jun (to herself): "Friends, huh?"


Jun: "A pleasure to meet you. So what was your favorite piece?"


Aiko: "The Bach Chaconne."


Jun: "Said without hesitation. Most people wouldn't even remember the titles of the pieces. You're interesting."




Suzu is in a dark, nearly empty movie theater, the movie is playing. She's barely paying attention.


Suzu (to herself): "Everyone from work was busy with their own here I am, alone at the movies on a Saturday..."


She drops her head momentarily, then raises it and turns to the side to see an attractive man, several seats away and an aisle behind her, seemingly staring at her. She blushes and turns back to the front.


Suzu (to herself): "Is it okay to start...leading my life...again?"




Yuka and Eriko are sitting down at the aquarium cafe to eat lunch. Eriko is looking down at her food.


Eriko: "Doesn't...doesn't it seem...weird to eat"


Yuka looks at her and cracks up (silently) laughing, like she can't believe Eriko would actually make a joke.


Eriko (to herself): "Was that a joke?"


Yuka reaches over and takes some in her chopsticks and gets to eating.


Eriko: "Umm...I'm sorry...about earlier..."


Yuka looks at her with a tilted head with the chopsticks still in her mouth, unsure what Eriko means.


Eriko: "At the show...that you must have been...embarrassed."


Yuka takes the chopsticks out of her mouth and sets them down, she turns slightly to the side with a distant look in her eyes.



A young Yuka in an MRI machine, wearing a hospital gown, being slid into the machine. A younger Suzu is on the other side of the window with the MRI technician. Over the microphone she says:


Suzu: "Don't worry Yuka-chan, it's loud, but it won't hurt, and maybe we'll figure this out."


Yuka and Suzu and a doctor are sitting in an exam room with the results of the MRI.


Doctor: "There doesn't appear to be anything structurally wrong with her vocal cords, no tumors either."


Suzu: "Then why can't she talk?"


Doctor: "I believe this may be more psychological. I think she can talk but she doesn't want to. I'm going to write a referral to a psychiatrist."


[Flashback over]


Silence between Yuka and Eriko.


Eriko: "I...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have asked..."


Yuka shakes her head 'no.'




Jun, Aiko and Tayama are being seated at a nice restaurant.


Jun: "I'm starving. I was so upset they scheduled me for a morning recital."


Tayama: "Well, it's over, and you were spectacular."


Jun: "Thank you for letting me crash your date."


Aiko: "It's not a date."


Jun (to herself): "It's not, huh?"


Jun: "So Okumura-san, tell me about yourself."


Aiko: "I wish there was anything to share. Tayama-kun knows my father through work."


Jun: "You don't mean to say that your father is...?"


Aiko looks down slightly (almost imperceptibly).


Tayama: "Enough about that..."


The waiter comes over just as Tayama is saying this.


Waiter: "Your menus. Here is our drink menu, we have a special cocktail..."


Tayama: "I'm sorry, we won't be needing this."


Tayama is handing the drink menu back to the waiter.


Jun: "I don't know, I might want a drink, I could use it after all that work. It's after noon anyway."


Tayama takes Jun's drink menu too and hands it back.


Tayama: "Please, just tell us the specials today."


Jun: "I don't get why you're making such a fuss?"


Tayama: "But..."


He's looking at Aiko, and Aiko is staring back at him slightly fiercely.


Tayama: "Fine. If you'll excuse me, I have to use the washroom."


Tayama gets up leaving a stunned waiter.


Jun (to herself): "Interesting. I've never seen my brother so flustered before."


Jun: "Well, you might as well keep the drink menu after all that."


Aiko: "I apologize."


Jun: "It's not your fault, he's being overprotective because you're young. You are young, aren't you?"


Aiko (to herself): "It's not my age..."


Aiko: "Yes, I'm in my second year of high-school."


Jun (to herself): "She's just a baby!"


Jun: "And you know how old Ki is, right?"


Aiko: "Actually, I don't."


Jun: "Hahahaha. Well, we're both 24, well, almost, our birthday is coming up actually."


Aiko: "You're twins?"

She smiles and winks as Tayama is returning to the table.


Tayama: "Thank goodness. She didn't scare you away."


Jun: "It would have been your behavior to blame."


Tayama: "What? I was..."


Jun puts a hand on his arm.


Jun: "Hush, she's fine. We were just getting to know each other."




Suzu at the movies. Suzu periodically looks over and notices the man in the theater looking over towards her, sometimes he smiles. Other times she looks and he's watching the movie or drinking from his soda. She blushes and smiles at him one of the times she thinks he's looking at her, then she looks forward, demurely.


The movie finishes.


Suzu (to herself): "Okay, Suzu, be bold. Be like your sister! God I'm pathetic!"


She stands and turns to face the handsome man. As she does so, he also rises but walks past right her down the row behind her. She's shocked and turns to see that the whole time he was looking at a younger woman on the opposite side from Suzu. The man and woman exchange pleasantries.


                Man: "Hi, I'm, uh...Juichi Mori."


                Woman: "It's nice to meet you."


                Man: "I don't suppose you'd like to get coffee?"


They go off happily, and shyly, together out of the theater. Suzu just drops back down into her seat, embarrassed and depressed.


                Suzu: "Ughhhh..."




Yuka and Eriko are looking around the aquarium gift shop. They are showing each other cute things. At one point, Yuka puts on a shark hat. The hat has a fin and a gaping toothy mouth. Yuka is "circling" with the fin behind various racks and stands. The reader sees this but not Eriko. Then, Yuka pops up with arms as claws and mouth wide open with the hat which also has jaws wide open and Eriko is startled enough to scream and fall backwards. Yuka starts laughing (silently) like crazy, Eriko looks around, a few people are staring but theyall  then turn back to what they were doing. Eriko, looks at Yuka in the hat, laughing and smiling. Eriko then laughs too.


They're back to shopping, Eriko sees a notebook.


Eriko (to herself): "I wonder what she was thinking at lunch, when she got silent? I want to know more, I want her to tell me the things, everything, good and bad. Maybe...maybe she would write to this?"


Eriko sees that Yuka is engaged with something, and goes up to the counter to buy the notebook. She keeps looking over her shoulder while checking out.


Cashier: "Is everything okay miss?"


Eriko: "Oh, um, yes, I...just didn't want someone to see."


The cashier notices Yuka with her back turned, that she's the one Eriko keeps looking at.


Cashier: "I understand."


The cashier winks and Eriko blushes. Yuka comes up to her just as the bag of items is being handed from the cashier to Eriko.


Cashier: "Thank you very much for your purchase."


Yuka is wide eyed and trying to see what's in the bag, but Eriko clutches it tightly.


Eriko: "'s nothing."




Eriko and Yuka are on the train home. It's fairly empty, but not entirely. They're sitting next to each other. Eriko is acting a bit squirrelly and holding the package closer to her.


Eriko (to herself): " it really okay to try this?"


Yuka is looking at her questioningly.


Eriko: "I, something...for you."


Yuka's face brightens up, she sits up and bounces a bit in her seat in anticipation. Eriko hands her the bag.


Eriko: "Here."


Yuka opens it up and it's the cute notebook and a pen with fishes on both of them. Yuka beams, pulls them tight, and smiles up at Eriko. She then opens it and starts a drawing. Eriko looks away as she speaks.


Eriko: "I thought...I thought you might be able...maybe you tell me...things."


Yuka's head drops and the pen falls from her hand onto the notebook. Eriko turns to see Yuka with a very sad expression on her face as she turns her body towards the middle of the train car and back away from where she had been facing Eriko with her body. There's now a sadness covering Yuka.


Eriko: "I...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have..."



Therapist's office. Younger Suzu and Yuka (Suzu is late teens, Yuka is about 7 or 8).


Psychiatrist: "I'm not sure I can help. Neither of you remember much, she won't talk, and she won't write anything. Even when she draws, she refuses to draw anything other than animals and flowers. I know she understands what we're saying so she's not..."


Younger Suzu: "Of course she's not dumb. She's a friggin' genius."


Psychiatrist: "Yes, well, be that as it may, we've been trying for months with no success and she simply won't communicate. I don't think there's anything I can do."


Suzu: "So that's it? You're just going to send us away too? She's just going to be silent her whole life?"


Psychiatrist: "I believe that's up to her. Have you tried sign language?"


Suzu: "Yes, and she refuses that too."


Suzu turns to look at Yuka.


Suzu: "It's been two years...two years and you haven't said anything, you haven't told me anything. All I can do is guess. You won't write, you won't sign, you won't draw, you barely even point...Don't you want to tell me what you're thinking, what you're feeling, what you need? Don't you want me to know?"


Yuka puts her head down, she gently turns it side to side in an almost imperceptible gesture of 'no.'


Suzu: "That's all it ever is, a 'yes' or a 'no,' but I know there is so much more going on in there. Why won't you let me in? What happened to you? What don't you want anyone to know?"


Tears start falling onto Yuka's lap with her head still down and hair falling into her face, covering her face in shadow.

[Flashback over]


Back to the train. There's silence between them.


Eriko: "Sometimes...sometimes I get...nervous...I can't tell what you're you...feel...about me."


Yuka looks up with teary, but wide, eyes. She takes Eriko's hand. Yuka turns Eriko's hand palm up and uncurls Eriko's fingers so her palm is exposed. She then writes, with the pen, a single character on Eriko's palm. The character for "love" [Ed. note: koi - probably]. Eriko is shocked and blushing but Yuka simply folds Eriko's fingers over the character into a fist, and pushes that fist against Eriko's chest.




Tayama is dropping Aiko off at her house. Aiko is getting out of the car.


Aiko: "Thank you for today."


Tayama: "I hope my sister didn't put you off."


Aiko (to herself): "Why did you want me to meet her?"


Aiko: "She plays beautifully."


Tayama: "Yeah, that's true. But...that wasn't why I wanted you to come today."


Aiko: "Another agenda?"


Tayama: "No, don't make it sound like that...but, actually, yes..."


He looks away in embarrassment, even covering his mouth with his hand, a slight blush.


Aiko (to herself): "Don't...don't make a face like that. You look...I might...I could..."


Tayama: " wasn't that I wanted you to meet her, I mean I did, but...I really wanted her to meet you."


Sound effects: "Ba-dump, ba-dump."


Heartbeat sound effects. Aiko blushes, and turns around suddenly so he won't see her face.


Aiko: "We'll leave it at that. Good evening."


She shuts the door of the car and walks away towards the front door of her house.


Tayama: "Sigh...That girl!"


We now turn to see that Aiko is secretly smiling (warmly), with closed eyes, to herself as she walks into the house and closes the door behind her. She leans against, it still smiling. A girl in love.




Suzu at home making dinner.


Suzu: "I wonder if Yuka is coming home for dinner. I should have asked before she went out."


She hears the door open, and peaks out of the kitchen.


                Suzu: "Hi, dinner is almost ready."


Yuka is taking off her shoes and coat. Suzu wipes her hands on a towel and comes out to greet her. When she does, Yuka runs into her arms in a big embrace.


                Suzu: "What's wr..."


She looks down and sees that Yuka is smiling, blushing, and radiant.


                Suzu: "It was that good, huh?"


Yuka subtly nods 'yes.'


Suzu (to herself): "I'm happy for you, truly. But, what am I going to do when you don't need me anymore?"




Eriko in the evening, on her bed. She's looking at the word written on her hand.


Eriko: "It was so hard to keep it dry while I bathed...ARGHHHH....I'm such a girl!...But she said she loves me...I'm so happy but I still don't understand her. I keep messing things up...pushing her talk to me, pushing her away. I don't want to hurt her. But if she told me things, I...I couldn't help, but I'd listen...I want to be a good... her. The way she looked today...I don't want her to be sad  anymore."


Eriko drifts off to sleep.



We get the blackness of the cave dream, it's starting near the light at the end which has already grown large. We hear lots of voices overlapping


Voices: "Yuka!"


Voices: "No, please, don't do this."


Voices: "Come back to me, don't leave me all alone."


Voices: “NOOO!!!"


The light is getting bigger and closer, the sound of waves louder. Suddenly we are open onto the brilliant blue sky, with beautiful clouds, the ocean spread out before us. More voices overlapping.


Voices: "Don’t leave me!!!"


Voices: "Don’t you dare leave me!!!”


Voices: "Please, I'll do anything, anything!"


Voices: "Yes, I'll give it all up, whatever you ask."


We then see a slash and blood splattering and a bloody feather dropping onto the rocks into a pool of running blood.

[Dream ends]




Aiko at her desk that night, writing.


Aiko's letter: "Dear Kishi, Yesterday, I almost slipped up, but he saved me. I wish I wasn't so weak. I wish I didn't need someone else. I'm trying to be strong. I'm trying to learn to do things for myself, to be okay being alone, but it's so hard being lonely all the time..."




Yuka tossing and turning in bed, fighting in a nightmare.


Suzu, in her bed, hearing the noise.


Suzu: "Even after such a good day, I know you're still hurting. What are you remembering that you won't tell me? All these years you've kept it a secret, a burden you won't let anyone else share. Why won't you let me in? Will you let her in?"


A vision of wings spreading. Yuka jerks awake panting, crying silently.


(to be continued...)

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