In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - Chapter 19

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is my yuri comic series. But I can't draw, so you'll have to settle for reading the scripts (unless you can draw and want to partner up on it!). Enjoy

In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - by Jaime Lustig

Chapter 19

"The Secret Is Out"

The black panels with the lights representing Kami-sama and Eriko's mother.

Eriko’s mother: “The people are restless tonight.”

Kami-sama: “Yes, she is needed desperately to bring balance to their world.”

Eriko’s mother: “Heaven help those who encounter her.”

Kami-sama: “Heaven indeed.”

Eriko in bed at night, the blue orb of light forms over her. She arches her back as tendrils of energy from the light reach out to every limb. She is screaming in silence, slowly she is pulled into the ball of light and disappears leaving just her empty bed behind.

It’s still nighttime. We see a man in a suit walking (stumbling) along the streets, head down, bottle in his hand (wrapped in newspaper). He drops the bottle. He eventually climbs up onto an overpass with cars streaming below. He stands, moon backlighting him, and lets himself fall over the edge. We see on the newspaper that was around the bottle “Disgraced CEO steps down amid stock scandal.”

Two men in suits are at a bar drinking. We hear the door slam behind them. Everyone around them fleas. They turn around with shock on their faces. (We never see what or who came in the door or what these two men see)

Still nighttime, we see a mother walking out of her house, her children all still asleep. She leaves some money on the table with a note saying not to come looking for her. She closes the door. We see a flash of light come through the bottom of the closed door. We hear a scream, the door opens and the woman runs in with a terrified look on her face, slams the door, and falls down to the ground sobbing back in the apartment.

We see a dark alley. Shadowy men walk up behind a young woman and abduct her into the shadows. There is a flash of light. We a splatter of blood and a feather fall.

Morning. Heizo is up making breakfast. The radio is on.

Radio: “The CEO of S-Corporation committed suicide last night after jumping into oncoming traffic. This morning with no advance warning, his two alleged accomplices in the insider trading case pleaded guilty. Sadly, as part of this surprise plea, they presented authorities with memos and other proof detailing the CEO’s innocence. In other news, two alleged rapists were found murdered in an alley behind...”

Just then Eriko comes into the kitchen. She looks like a complete mess, tired, wounded (new cuts and bruises), and some bandages on the worst of them. Heizo looks briefly but pretends not to notice.

Heizo: “Good morning Eriko-chan. Will you have some breakfast?”

Eriko: “No...I mean...I’m not feeling well.”

Heizo (half to himself): “hmmm”

Eriko: “I...I’m going now.”

Heizo just sighs and drops his head a bit, sits at the table alone and eats his breakfast.

In class that morning. Aiko is talking with Yuka, Eriko has her head on her arms on her desk. Hatsue is surrounded by her friends (Satomi and Chitose), they’re looking at magazines, etc... Koari runs into the room holding open a magazine spread.

Kaori: “Ha-chan, Ha-chan! Look, Look! It’s your boyfriend Tetsu! He's doing the new campaign for S brand!”

Hatsue is in a it of shock at this as the girls gather around to look at the magazine. We see modeling pictures of Tetsu in the magazine, he’s listed as “Tetsu Yamamura” in the magazine (he's modeling clothing).

Hatsue: “Let me see!"

Hatsue: “Stupid Tetsu, you didn’t tell me you got this job. I’m so happy for you!”

Eriko is peaking up through her hair at the group making the noise.

Chitose: “Hatsue-chin, you’re so lucky! What’s it like being spoiled by a guy like that?”

Hatsue (awkwardly): “Umm, well, it is nice to be spoiled, he does treat me really well...”

Kaori: “Squeee! I’m so jealous. I want someone to spoil me.”

Satomi looks over at Eriko who is still staring at them and makes eye contact. Satomi gives her a mean look. Eriko puts her head back down.

Satomi (to herself): “Model boyfriend, but hangs out with those delinquents and freaks? You can just be friends with anyone, can’t you Ha-chan? You can't be that perfect. It’s time to find out what secrets you're hiding. You need to come down a few pegs and learn your place.”

At a modeling studio. We see various male and female models doing photo shoots. Cameras and lights. Models getting ready in the dressing rooms, getting their makeup done.

In walks Satomi with a tall older man (her father/Kinoshita-san) and his assistant. He is greeted by a group of people from the studio.

Assistant: “Let me introduce you to Kinoshita-san of the Kinoshita Group.”

Satomi’s father/Kinoshita-san: “Please take care of us and our company.”

Studio runner: “Kinoshita-san, let me introduce you to the photographer for today’s product shoot, he’s the best in the business.”

The photographer comes over, the father and photographer bow slightly and exchange cards.

Studio runner: “Kinoshita-san is the CEO for the Kinoshita Group. They just acquired the brand we’re shooting today.”

Kinoshita-san: “Please help our new clothing line to look beautiful.”

Photographer: “It’ll be easy work with Yamamura over there.”

He gestures over to where Tetsu is getting his makeup done.

Satomi (to herself): “So he really is here. Now’s my chance. I'm sure he must be cheating on Ha-chan with at least one of these beautiful models.”

Kinoshita: “Ah, this is my daughter, Satomi. Thank you for allowing her to spend the day here. I think she’s a big fan of his, we were told she could meet him.”

Studio runner: “Of course! Anything for our most important client.”

Photographer: “Yo, Tetsu-kun, come over here! You’ve got a fan.”

Tetsu comes over, all the aloof handsomeness, princely-ness, shirt partially open. Just “sparkles” and "roses" everywhere. Satomi is in a bit of shock at his aura.

Tetsu: “Hello. You must be Satomi-chan. I’ve been expecting you! I will be representing your father’s business. Please take care of me.”

Satomi, the show runner, and all the females around all swoon as Tetsu takes her hand and kisses it.

Kinoshita: “Satomi, I’ve got some business to attend to, stay here, have fun, and don’t get in the way. I’ll send someone to pick you up later.”

Tetsu bows to her father.

Tetsu: “Thank you sir for leaving your precious jewel in our care. She’ll be my inspiration for the shoot today.”

Satomi blushes.

We see Tetsu and others modeling, changing clothes, the photographer taking pictures, lighting assistants changing things, Satomi watching from the sidelines. She looks around and gets up. She starts peaking into dressing rooms, trying to listen into conversations between Tetsu and the models as they prepare between shoots.

Female Model 1: “Tetsu-kun, come over tonight, we’re having a big party!”

Tetsu: “No, thank you, I’ve got plans tonight.”

Female Model 1: “That girl of yours keeps you so busy! She should learn to share a little.”

Satomi (to herself): “Are they talking about Ha-chan?”

More shots of modeling, people talking to Tetsu, beautiful models, photographers, assistants, make-up people, reporters, etc... More conversations:

Photographer: “Tetsu-kun, we’re going out for karaoke after this, come with us?”

Tetsu: “You know I can’t sing!”

Photographer: “I don’t believe you. You can’t be a true idol if you can’t sing. Besides, you didn’t hang out with us after your last shoot either, you owe me for that job.”

Tetsu: “Sorry, sorry, I can’t tonight.”

More modeling shots, times of Tetsu hanging with female models, technicians, even a nerdy office worker. Satomi looks dejected.

Satomi (to herself): “All day and not a single bit of dirt. Is he really that squeaky clean? Is she really so great that she can keep a man like that faithful?”

Satomi walks by his dressing room, the door is open a bit, Tetsu is talking with his assistant, Megumi. The assistant is a young woman with glasses, sort of a dowdy but put-together professional look, but underneath she's attractive, just maybe doesn’t think much of herself next to the models around her and so isn't trying to compete.

Megumi Shibata (the assistant): “You did a great job today, I’m sure the Kinoshita Group will be pleased.”

Tetsu: “I really appreciate all your help today, Shibita-san, getting this set up and booking me this gig. That’s two big ones in a row. You’re really something special.”

Megumi (blushing): “Ah, uh, I don’t...Well anyway, the early proofs I saw looked great. You’re really on your way up.”

Tetsu: “Thanks to you! Kinoshita Group is an important contract for this agency. Doing well today was important. I hope the CEO’s daughter had a good time today too. She looked a bit bored though.”

Shibata Megumi: “You’re so good with the clients, other models wouldn’t put up with that side of the business. They think they’re above it.”

Tetsu: “It’s not like I mind. And after all, she was pretty cute!”

Satomi blushes.

Satomi (to herself): “Really, me?! Wait, what am I thinking? That perv, he’s got Ha-chan! Finally, the real guy shows through. I knew he had to be a total player.”

Megumi: “Don’t let your sister hear you say that, Fujimaki-san. They looked about the same age too.”

Satomi (to herself): “What!? Sister? Wait, did she say Fujimaki?”

Tetsu: “True, true, I wish Ha-chan would be okay being alone occasionally, she’s so afraid still, not that I blame her. But it can’t be healthy for her to depend on me so much. But I won’t lie, I love that she still needs her brother.”

Megumi: “She’s lucky to have you, the way you’ve taken care of her after everything that happened to her in middle school.”

Satomi (to herself): “What!? Hatsue is his sister? So they’re not dating? Just wait till everyone at school finds out about that little liar! She’s a complete fake! No wonder she spends her time with those freaks, she’s a freak too!”

Tetsu: “She actually left the house to sleep over with some friends recently. I was so nervous, but so proud of her. She’s taking little steps forward.”

Satomi leave the doorway, the assistant notices her leaving, and smiles. Megumi gestures towards the open door.

Megumi: “Talking about little steps forward, if you ever do have time for a girlfriend, I think there will be plenty waiting for you.”

Tetsu turns back from the open door with a princely look.
Tetsu: “Hmmm, I think I prefer girls with glasses.”

Megumi blushes.

The next Monday in school. Students walking onto the grounds, through the gate, into the building, chatting outside. Satomi, Chitose, and Kaori are standing around in a group talking. Yuka and Aiko walk by. Aiko stares and gives the stink eye to Satomi and her group, Satomi gives it right back.

Tetsu’s car pulls up. Hatsue gets out. Like most days many girls come over to fawn over Hatsue and Tetsu. He gives a princely wave and drives off. Hatsue says hello to all her fans. She walks over to Satomi and the group. She starts to say hi...

Hatsue: “Good morning, how was your weekend?”

The girls just turn their back on her and keep talking amongst themselves. Hatsue goes around to stand in front of them again.

Hatsue: “Ummm...Good morning Satomi, Kaori, Chi-chan!”

They just turn away and walk inside, ignoring her completely.

Satomi: “Did you hear something?”

Chitose: “Nope, nothing.”

Kaori: “Must be the wind.”

Hatsue looks stunned, and just stands there. Some of her fans come up to her and begin saying good morning. She puts on a happy face, greets them and walks inside with them.

Aiko, who is with Yuka by one of the gardens, watches this with some skepticism.

Aiko (to herself): “Now what was that all about?”

Before one of the classes, Hatsue is rummaging through her bag.

Hatsue: “So weird, I’m sure I put it back in here last night.”

She turns to her neighbor.

Hatsue: “Sone-san, would you mind if I looked at your classical Japanese book during class? I can’t seem to find mine.”

Sone just gets up and leaves her desk to go over to some other friends, completely ignoring Hatsue. Yuka and Aiko notice this interaction and look at each other puzzled. Eriko is just sleeping on her desk. Aiko looks disapprovingly at Eriko.

Aiko: “There must be a book under there somewhere going completely unused.”

Yuka gives Aiko a “leave her alone” sort of expression. Yuka walks over and hands her own book to Hatsue.

Hatsue: “For me? Don’t you need it?”

Aiko, speaking from her desk:

Aiko: “Don’t worry about it, I’m pretty sure she has the whole thing memorized. Besides, Sensei knows better than to ask her to read out loud.”

Yuka just shakes her head in a happy 'yes.'

Hatsue: “Ha! Thank you Kiyoura-san. I’ll give it back right after class. I really don’t know what happened to mine.”

Aiko (to herself): “I wonder?”

End of the day, students are doing cleanup. Yuka is sweeping and empties her dust pan into the garbage; there she sees a classical Japanese book. She opens it up and it has “Hatsue Fujimaki” written inside it. She takes it out and goes over to Aiko.

Aiko: “Where did you find this?”

Yuka points to the garbage.

Aiko: “That’s strange, why would it end up there?”

Yuka nods a solemn and thoughtful 'yes' in acknowledgement.

Aiko: “Well, anyway. We’ll find her later. Let me help you take the trash out and then we can get going.”

We then see Hatsue at her locker, she goes to take her shoes out but they’re missing, her locker is empty. She sighs, looks around.

Hatsue: “I must be losing my mind, First I forget my book, now I lost my street shoes? Oh well, I’ll just wear my gym sneakers home.”

She goes into her bag and puts her gym shoes on instead and leaves the school. Tetsu is waiting by his car at the front entrance with a throng of girls around him. He’s signing autographs on copies of the magazine from earlier in the chapter. Hatsue comes up waving.

Tetsu: “If you’ll excuse me ladies, its time for me to take Ha-chan home. See you all tomorrow.”

Girls: “Oh, she’s so lucky.”

Girls: “I wish he would take me home!”

Aiko and Yuka are walking by on their way out. Yuka waves to Hatsue, but then Yuka notices her sneakers from gym class and tugs at Aiko and points. They go over to Hatsue. Aiko hands Hatsue her book.

Hatsue: “Oh, Okumura-san, where did you find this?”

Aiko: “Yuka found it while cleaning up. You should be more careful where you leave things.”

Hatsue: “Thank you so much. I’m so happy you found it.”

Aiko (to herself): "I shouldn't get involved."

Aiko: “Fujimaki-san, is everything okay?”

Hatsue: “Of course, what do you mean?”

Aiko: “Yuka found your book in the garbage and now you’re wearing your gym shoes home.”

Hatsue: “What, these? I..."

Tetsu notices her sneakers and with a quick flash of concern, then a fake lightness to his voice, cuts her off.

Tetsu: "You're old ones were so beat up. But don’t worry Ha-chan, I’ll still take you out shopping tonight for new ones like I promised.”

Hatsue is shocked and relieved simultaneously.

Hatsue: “Oh...thank you Tetsu-kun.”

Aiko: “Oh, if that’s all.”

Yuka just looks up at Aiko like ‘really? You believe that?’

Hatsue: “Thank you for worrying Okumura-san. See you tomorrow.”

They all wave and say goodbye, Hatsue and Tetsu get in the car and drive away. Yuka and Aiko leave together. We watch them depart, we then pan down into the bushes near the entrance and see Hatsue’s school shoes in a pile behind the bush, clearly thrown there by someone.

The next morning. Students arriving. Hatsue gets out of her car, but no one comes up to her, not even her first-year fan groupies. She's looking around, but no one is making eye contact, some are actively averting their eyes. Finally she spots Satomi, Chitose, and Kaori.

Hatsue: “Good morning!”

Satomi (sternly): “Fujimaki, come with us, we need to talk with you...”

Hatsue (to herself): “Fujimaki?”

Fade out of her walking with the girls around the side of the building.

The scene shifts to Hatsue coming into the school building, her face red, looking a bit more rumpled than earlier. Hatsue goes to her locker. She puts her new pair of shoes in the locker and takes out her indoor shoes. There’s a note inside the locker. She looks around, takes it out, and opens it up.

Note: “Liar! You wanted attention? Now you’ll have more attention than you could ever want. Freak!”

Hatsue (to herself): “No please, not again. Don’t let this happen again. Hold it together Hatsue.”

Hatsue crumples up the note. Tears forming in her eyes.

(to be continued...)

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