In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - Chapter 2

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is the scripts for an ongoing yuri comic series I hope to publish some day.

"First Day - Part 2"

We see scenes of nature, we look at the petals in the trees, a petal blows loose and moves in the wind. It comes to settle on an open window sill. Yuka reaches out with a finger, small and delicate, and gently touches the petal.

Teacher: "Kiyoura-san, would you please come to the board to complete this problem?"

Yuka just keeps touching the petal.

Teacher: "Kiyoura-san?"

Yuka looks up from her petal, smiles at the  teacher and hops out of her seat. Eriko looks up from where her head has been down on her arms on top of her school desk to see Yuka getting up and going up to the front of the class where there is a complex math problem on the board.

Eriko (to herself): "That poor idiot. What’s she going to do up there? She’ll probably just give the teacher  a stupid smile to get out of it...that stupid smile of hers..."

Yuka goes to the board, and in a blur completes the problem perfectly.

Teacher: “That’s right, Kiyoura. Amazing as always. Did everyone see what she did there?”

Eriko is in shock, mouth open. Aiko looks over at Eriko. Aiko closes her eyes and has a little smile of silent satisfaction. As Yuka is returning to her seat, the class is chattering:

Girls chattering: “I sort of wish she would tutor me?”

Girls chattering: “Yeah, but how can she?”

Girls chattering: “Who’d want to spend time with her anyway?”

Teacher: “Quiet girls, okay, next up is...”

Yuka is beaming, she notices Eriko looking at her in shock/awe. Eriko blushes and turns away. Yuka sits and starts staring out the window again, using her finger to follow a butterfly that’s darting at the window pane. Again, she is completely in her own little angelic world. Eriko is looking now at Yuka's profile in the sunlight through the window. Staring at her ear again, the faint glow around her hair in the backlight, the collar of her uniform...

Eriko puts her head back down on her arm on her desk, at first turned to the left to continue looking at Yuka, a gentle smile crosses her lips, then she rolls her face back down.

Eriko (to herself) "Idiot."

In the bathroom at school. Eriko is in a stall. She's just sitting there.

Eriko (to herself): "I have to tell him I can't do this. I can't be depending on him forever...I should be spending my time searching..."

Outside the stall are a bunch of girls from their class at the mirror talking about Eriko, apparently not knowing she's in the bathroom.

Satomi Kinoshita: "I heard that girl, what’s her name? Arishima-san? She already got into a fight today at lunch, tried to beat up weird little Kiyoura-san."

Kaori: "Kiyoura-san is so strange, but seriously, who would even pay her any attention? She's not even worth fighting with."

Chitose: “She might be a genius, but I heard she hasn’t said a word since she started school.”

Satomi: “Whatever. It’s that new delinquent we’re going to have to worry about, she’s going to ruin this place’s reputation.”

Eriko comes out of the stall, strong but deliberately.

Eriko (to herself): “What am I getting so upset about? Who the hell cares what they say about Kiyoura-san or me?”

Eriko goes to walk around them to the sink, but the girls start moving towards Eriko, backing her into a corner.

Satomi: "Look who it is? You heard all that didn’t you?”

Chitose: “What, do you have a problem, transfer student?"

Kaori: "Who do you think you are, coming into our school?"

Satomi: "I heard you don't even have a family and they let you into this place anyway?"

Chitose: "I guess they’ll let any bit of trash in.”

Eriko is getting angrier and angrier this whole time, the look of a devil forming in her eyes. Her fingers curl into fists. She is about to punch one of the girls. But out of nowhere, Yuka rushes between them. As she does, Eriko looks in horror and tries to pull her punch. Unfortunately, she can't totally and Yuka takes it a bit on the cheek. Yuka falls to the ground, holding her cheek.

Kaori: "Ha! She just hit Kiyoura-san again."

Satomi: "You've done it now."

Chitose: "What the hell's your problem anyway?"

Satomi: "Wait until sensei hears about this. You'll be suspended for sure."

Kaori: “It’s Okumura-san I’d be worried about”

They’re all laughing at this joke. Yuka is on the ground, holding her cheek, Eriko is shocked by what she’s done, but still raging with anger.  The girls are pointing fingers, laughing, etc...

Yuka, stands, slightly staggering/stunned with one hand holding her cheek, but takes Eriko's hand with her free hand and stands slightly in front of her. Yuka starts to wind up her face in an angry face, but then makes a huge funny face, tongue sticking out, mocking gesture, maybe even spurts her tongue at them.

Kaori: "What the hell?"

Satomi: "Just leave those two weirdoes to themselves.

Satomi (to herself: "For now, anyway."

Chitose: "I don't want to be late to class anyway"

Kaori: "You’re right, just like Satomi said, they're not worth our time. Ha-chan's probably waiting."

Eriko is still trying to calm down but is also stunned, and just keeps looking at her hand being held in Yuka's tiny hand. Yuka just turns and gives her a huge smile.

Eriko (to herself): “This hand, it’s so’s so...warm and it’s holding mine so tight.”

Eriko (blushes): "Idiot!"

She throws down Yuka's hand and storms out of the bathroom.

Nurse’s office. Aiko is tending to Yuka.

Aiko: “I know you can be a bit clumsy, did you walk into a door again?”

Yuka just shakes her head ‘no.'

Aiko: "Why won't you tell me what happened to your cheek? Did someone do this to you? It wasn’t that girl was it?!”

Yuka just shakes her head ‘no,’ but with a cute smile, like she's happy to keep the secret to herself. Maybe even a little bit of blushing. Aiko just sighs, and looks resigned.

Aiko: “Alright, fine, I’ll stop asking questions.”

Aiko (to herself): “It’s not like you to keep secrets from me though."

Aiko makes up a bag of ice, and lovingly holds it against Yuka's face. She takes Yuka's hand in hers.

Aiko: "Does it hurt? Are you dizzy?"

Yuka shakes her head ‘no.’ She squeezes Aiko's hand in gratitude. Aiko shakes her head back and forth.

Aiko "Are you really going to survive another two years until you can get out of here?"

Aiko: (to herself): “What's going to happen when I can't protect you anymore? What will I do when I don't have you to worry about anymore?"

Intercom: "Attention, Attention. Will Yuka Kiyoura-san and Eriko Arishima-san please report to the guidance office immediately. Attention, Will Yuka Kiyoura-san and Eriko Arishima-san please report to the guidance office immediately."

Aiko gets angry.

Aiko: "Wait! Did she do this to you?! I knew it! I'm going with you. She's not going to get away with hurting you!"

Yuka, just looks peacefully at her, and shakes her head slightly ‘no.’ She hops up off the bed and skips out to the office.

Aiko: “Wait, Yuka! Wait!”

On her way rushing out of the nurse’s office after Yuka, Aiko bumps into Eriko coming down the hall. They both crash to the floor.

Eriko (through gritted teeth): "Watch it!"

Aiko: "Don't you dare take that tone with me, I know what you did to Yuka! I don't know why she's covering for you, but I swore to myself if you laid a hand on her again I’d..."

Eriko: "You'd what?”

Aiko: “You have no idea who you are messing with or what I am capable of. I will do anything for that child!”

Eriko: “What, are you her mom?!”

Aiko: “You know nothing about her and nothing about what she needs! You stay away from her, do you hear me?!”

Eriko (to herself): “I don’t know why I’m getting so mad anyway. What the hell do I care about that girl?”

Eriko (defiantly but calmly and quietly): “Whatever.”

Aiko: “Cross me and I will ruin you.”

Eriko just replies coolly and quietly.

Eriko: “I’m going now."

Eriko gets up and walks off. Aiko is shouting after her as Eriko leaves down the hall in the same direction as Yuka.

Aiko "I see who you are!"

In the guidance office, Yuka and Eriko are standing in front of a teacher.

Senior teacher: "I heard there was a fight today in the bathroom. Is that true?"

Yuka shakes her head 'no.' Eriko isn't saying anything but looks at Yuka a little stunned/questioningly.  

Teacher: “No? Then what happened to your cheek, Kiyoura-san?”

Yuka just puts her hands up and shrugs and gives a big smile. Eriko is continuing to look stunned at Yuka.

Teacher: "Really? Is that so? What do you have to say for yourself? You're the new student, right?"

Eriko turns to face him. She's got a formal face on.

Eriko: "Yes."

Teacher: "Nothing happened between you two?"

Eriko: "No."

Teacher (smiling now): "I'm old but I'm not immune to the conversations that go on in a school like this. I already hear that you're having a tough time fitting in, Arishima-san. I'm sure it's difficult to transfer into a new school part-way through your high-school years..."

He looks at both of them, Yuka is looking up at Eriko expectantly.

Teacher: "Well, if you two aren't fighting, then maybe I'll ask Kiyoura-san to help orient you to the school building? How does that sound?"

Yuka is nodding happily in agreement. Eriko responds in her typically halting way with uncertainty and underlying anger/moodiness.

Eriko: "No...I mean, thank you...but it’s not...necessary..."

Yuka grabs Eriko's hand and lets out a big smile at her, and vigorously nods her head ‘yes’ to the teacher again. Eriko is shocked by the hand in hers. Her heart beats a bit, she blushes.

               Sound effect: "Ba-dump, ba-dump..."

Eriko (to herself): “Her hand...”

Teacher: "Wonderful! Then it's settled. Kiyoura-san, I place Arishima-san in your care. Please take care of her and see that she settles in to the school. I don’t want to hear any more of the rumors that I heard today. Am I clear?”

Yuka nods 'yes' and Eriko just looks away to the side swiftly in defiance.

               Eriko: "Fine."

Teacher: “That will be all then. Dismissed."

Yuka pulls Eriko by the hand out of the room and back towards class. The teacher is smiling after them. We see their two hands joined, Eriko being led down the hall. Heart beat sound effect.

Sound effect: "Ba-dump, ba-dump."

Once in the hall however, Eriko vigorously releases Yuka's hand.

Eriko: "Idiot...I choked you...I hit you...but you’re still here?...Why don’t you say anything?”

Yuka just looks up at her cutely.

Eriko: “Arghhh! What's your problem!?”

Yuka just gives a shrug.

Eriko: “Whatever! I don't need you!"

Eriko storms off in a huff. But we have a flashback to their hands together. Yuka just stands in the hall blinking after her. Then she just sort of skips down the hall back towards class in the opposite direction from where Eriko went.

Yuka is back in class, staring out the window. Aiko is looking at the back of Yuka from behind, looking at her neck peaking out when Yuka sweeps her short hair off her collar.

Aiko (to herself): "You're all I think about, do you know that? But...where are you looking?"

We see that Eriko’s desk is still empty. Aiko turns from Yuka to look at the empty desk scornfully.

We see the shoe lockers in the front of the school entrance, one locker is left ajar, the shoes in it are hastily thrown in. Yuka is looking up at it. Aiko comes up behind her.

Aiko: “Hurry up, get your shoes on, I’ll give you a ride home today. I don’t really like the thought of you taking the train after everything.”

Yuka turns and smiles at her, puts her school shoes away in her locker and they leave together out the front door of the school. As they are leaving the locker area, Yuka reaches up and closes the open locker door (where we presume Eriko's shoes were put away).

Aiko (to herself): "That girl never did come back to class after all. Well, good. Maybe she has more sense in her than I thought."

Dusk. Streetlights are starting to turn on. We are in a commercial district, sort of like a center of town. There are shops and a central park. There are shop signs and lights strung up. People are milling about. We see Eriko sitting with knees pulled up to her chest in a dank side alley, watching everyone passing by.

Eriko (to herself): “Why do I keep coming back to this alley? Ever since that night...when he found me....why am I so drawn to this place? Why can’t I remember anything before that? It's starting to feel like I’m never going to find the answers no matter how long or how many times I come back here. Am I the only one looking? Is anyone even looking for me?”

A young, well-dressed man with slicked back hair sees her as he passes the alley opening, he enters and approaches her.

Man: "Baby, what are you doing down there? You need some help? I'll take care of you. Let's get some drinks and I'll buy you dinner. You can tell me all about it."

He puts his hand on her shoulder, clearly in a suggestive way. Eriko’s eyes go blank in a scary way. Suddenly, Eriko grabs his arm and twists. He shouts.

Man: "Arghhhh"

He tries to grab at her, but she easily slaps his other arm away.

Man: "You bitch!"

He goes to punch her, but she grabs his fist and throws him to the ground.

Man: "oooffff"

Without hesitation, she rises, stands over him and kicks him in the stomach a few times mercilessly.

Man: "ugnhhh, ughnnnn, ughnnn"

He's on the ground moaning.

Man: "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

She goes back to sitting in the same spot with her knees pulled up as if nothing even. The man eventually slinks away groaning.

               Eriko: "Is this all I am?"

She puts her head down on her knees, the shot pulls back showing her curled up sitting in the dark alley, alone.

A small low-rent apartment building with external stairs and landings. It's dark outside now. There are lights on inside some of the apartment units.

Suzu (Yuka’s sister, about 10 years older) and Yuka are eating dinner together. Yuka is playing with her food in a fun way. She's planting her vegetables in some rice, making a little garden. Putting a path on in soy sauce or something like that. Suzu looks up lovingly, smiling. She takes the food off and puts it in the proper places on the plate, but doesn’t correct Yuka.

Suzu: "You seem to be in an extra good mood today. It must have been a good first day back at school?"

Suzu (to herself): "Please, god, let school be good for her."

Flashback to a few images of Eriko (such as Eriko's hair falling over their faces, the hand holding, her exasperated looks, etc..) Yuka blushes a little bit and has a shy smile.

Suzu: (to herself) “Well this is interesting. Looks like something did happen.”

Suzu: “Did they finally hire a hot guy teacher for homeroom?"

Yuka shakes her head 'no' and waves her arms.

Suzu: "Well, I can always dream...did you make any new friends?"

Yuka pauses, tilts her head to the side and thinks, then  shakes her head ‘no' but not confidently - with a scrunched up mouth.

Suzu (to herself): “Is it something more than that?! I can’t get my hopes up too much.”

Suzu: “I know! You met some cute boy on the ride in? Could my little sister be growing up?" (said in a kindly teasing way.)

Yuka blushes, shuts her eyes tightly and shakes her head vigorously ‘no.'

Suzu: “Hmmm, very suspicious!”

Yuka crosses her arms and fake pouts. She opens one eye to see what Suzu is doing, they both start laughing at each other (Yuka silently of course). We pan back to a darkened room off to the side. In it is an altar. A picture of their father is on the altar. This is reminiscent of the altar picture from Eriko's flashback that we couldn’t see earlier.

It’s dark outside, but the moon is only just rising, we are in a somewhat depressed, low-rent part of town. We see a small electronics repair store-front attached to a small house with a small fenced in yard. Inside, an old man (Heizo Arishima) is sitting with loupe glasses on, soldering some electronic item at a workbench. We hear bell ring and a door closing. It's Eriko coming into the apartment through the front shop. She's bruised, and dirty, and a general wreck, but still in her uniform. Eriko speaks quietly without making eye contact as she takes off her shoes.

Eriko: "I...I'm home"

Heizo: "Welcome back Eriko-chan, there's some food if you're hungry."

Eriko: "um, no thanks...I’ll take my bath now."

Heizo: "How was your first day of school?"

Eriko: "Fine...goodnight."

Heizo just sighs and goes back to work. He only looks up from his work as she’s already got her back to him and leaving the room. He sighs.

Heizo: (to himself) “Where did you come from? I wonder if you’ve gotten any closer to finding your answer?”

Eriko in the bath.

Eriko (To herself): “What am I doing here, in this house, with that old man? Why don't I remember anything before that night he found me? Why do I keep having those  nightmares every time I fall asleep?  But...the one’s at night...they're different somehow... What are they trying to tell me? Just who am I?”

She shakes her head, sighs, sinks down a bit in the bath. She then recalls images of Yuka's smiling face, the food being poked in her mouth at lunch, being led out of the office by the little soft hand. Eriko's eyes are closed this whole time.

Eriko (said lovingly): "Idiot."

A slight smile, a slight blush, then she dips all the way under the water too.

It’s very late now, the moon is high and full in the sky. Eriko is in bed now, asleep. Her room is pretty spare. She's restless, turning and tossing in bed. The time on the clock shows it's the middle of the night.

Next, it's all black with the white lights representing Kami-sama and Eriko’s mother (again unnamed to the audience, they don’t know who these are yet - it won't really be revealed until near the end)

Kami-sama: "My daughter, we have need of you tonight. Come fulfill your duty."

Eriko’s mother: “How often do you plan to toy with her? She’s only just started?”

Kami-sama: “This was the deal she made.”

A small blue light, like a portal growing, opens above Eriko in bed. We see her begin to float up out of the bed as tendrils of energy (like a plasma globe) reach out to all her limbs from this opening portal, she arches her back like she’s in severe pain, but is silent. The energy intensifies and envelopes her. She disintegrates into the sphere of light which then disappears leaving only the empty bed where she once was.

Heizo is now seen, awakening in an old recliner that he had fallen asleep in in the main room of the house. He sees the blue light appear from under her door down the hallway and then go back to darkness. He is sad, his eyes downcast, he lets out a sigh.

One shot of Yuka peacefully asleep in her own bed in her nice room.

(to be continued)


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