In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - Chapter 64

 "In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is a yuri manga I wrote. I can't draw, so I'm posting the scripts here for your enjoyment.

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" - by Jaime Lustig

Chapter 64

"Christmas Day - Part 3"



It's getting towards dusk out. Hatsue and Ishihara are walking along the street. The barren trees are lit with beautiful white Christmas lights.


Ishihara: "It's late. Should I take you back?"


Hatsue (blushing): "I don't want it to be over yet."


Ishihara (to himself): "Oh my god, she's so cute!"


Ishihara: "Well, I guess it doesn't have to be. What are you thinking?"


Hatsue: "What about a movie?"


Hatsue (to herself): "Maybe we'll hold hands some more...or maybe..."


Right then, as they are crossing the street, someone bumps into Hatsue and her purse falls into the street. A boy on a bike runs right over it. The man who bumped into Hatsue just keeps walking, with a slightly disgusted look on his face, as if he can't be troubled by a highschool girl.


Ishihara: "So rude!"


Ishihara picks up her purse and hands it back to Hatsue.


Hatsue: "Thanks."


Ishihara: "Is everything okay?"


Hatsue opens it up and finds that her cell phone has been crushed.


Hatsue: "Oh no!"


Ishihara: "That sucks! He should totally replace it for you."


Hatsue: "It's alright, it was old anyway, maybe I'll use my New Year's money to get a better one."


Ishihara: "I love how you always look at the bright side. Do you still want to see the movie?"


Hatsue: "Yeah...I do."




Aiko and Hidaka in the small country inn. Aiko is getting out the futons for the room.


Hidaka: "You're not really going to bed? It's so early."


Aiko: "Do you have a better idea?"


Hidaka: "Well, you noticed I was prepared."


He digs into his bag and pulls out a bottle of liquor and smiles a knowing smile.


Hidaka: "That's not all I've got in there."


Aiko: "Let's just start with this."


Hidaka: "Sure sure."


She gets up and goes to look out the window at the falling snow. As she does this, Hidaka quickly puts a tablet of some sort into a glass and fills it with the liquor. He gets up and goes up behind her and hands her the glass. Aiko takes it, but continues staring out the window.


Hidaka: "You haven't seemed like yourself today."


Aiko: "How can you be sure this isn't the real me?"


Hidaka: "Maybe because you never tell me anything."


Aiko pounds the whole drink down in one gulp.


Aiko: "There really isn't anything to tell. This is it. I'm just a hollow person, nothing inside."


Hidaka: "We'll take care of that tonight."             


Aiko: "What do you...?"


He puts his finger over her lips.


Hidaka: "Like I said, that isn't all I've got in the bag."


Aiko: "Alright. Tonight...alright."




Hatsue and Ishihara get to the movie theater. They're looking at the show times.


Ishihara: "Crap, it doesn't start for another hour."


Hatsue: "Oh, that might be sort of late."


Ishihara: "Yeah, I don't want to be the reason you miss curfew. Why don't you call home?"


Hatsue: "Oh, but my phone!"


Ishihara: "Here, use mine."


He reaches into his pocket, but doesn't find anything there.


Ishihara: "Crap! I must have left it at home. I guess we'll have to call it a night?"


Hatsue: "But I really do want to see it...and..."


Ishihara: "And?"


Hatsue: "And...spend some more time with you."


Ishihara blushes and looks to the side, embarrassed, but happy.


Ishihara: "How can you say things like that so bluntly?"


Hatsue: "You just...I don't know how you did it to me."


Ishihara: "It's all're amazing."


They're staring at each other with deep affection in their eyes.


Ishihara: "Come on, I'll get you something to drink while we wait."


He takes her into the nearby park, they sit on a bench. Each holding a warm drink. They're watching the crowd, all the couples walking around together enjoying the holiday. Hatsue shivers a bit. Ishihara reaches around and pulls her tight. She blushes while her head is on his chest. She looks up at him with big eyes. He bends down and gently kisses her on the lips.




Shiori’s house. She’s putting the food out on the table.


Shiori: “Where are you Aiko? I thought you’d keep your promise to me.”


Her husband and son come over.


Keishi (husband): “It looks amazing Shiori!”


Shiori: “Oh, thanks.”


Keishi: “We can wait longer, you know.”


Shiori: “There’s no need. Let’s enjoy the dinner together.”


Keishi: “Don’t worry, she’ll come.”


Shiori (to herself): “How can you be so sure?”


Shiori: “Thanks. I know she will. Come on you two, let’s eat while its hot!”




Aiko and Hidaka in the hotel room.


Aiko: "How do you do this?"


Hidaka: "Here. I'll do it for you. Give me your arm."


Aiko pushes up the sleeve of her robe exposing her long slender white arm. Hidaka takes a syringe from a wrapper, plunges it into a vial. He takes Aiko's arm and injects her with it. Her chest is heaving at the anxiety, the enormity, of doing this.


Hidaka: "I only have one needle, you don't have anything I need to worry about, do you?"


Aiko: "No, you?"


Hidaka: "Don't worry, I'm out after this dose anyway."


He injects himself with the last of it from the vial.


Aiko: "My head's swimming. Is this normal?"


Hidaka: "What's normal, anyway?"


Aiko: "You said it..."


At this, Hidaka has moved and taken Aiko in his arms and has started kissing her neck.


Aiko: "Hey, wait."


She's trying to push him away, but he's resisting and pulling her in tightly.


Aiko: "Stop...I"


For Aiko, things start to get blurry and the room is spinning, and then she blacks out.




Eriko comes into her home after returning from Yuka's apartment. It's dark and quiet inside. The lights are all out. Eriko walks into the main room and sees that Heizo's chair is empty, the blanket she bought for him is resting over the arm.


Eriko (to herself): "Oh, good, he must have made it into bed tonight."


We see Heizo on his futon. He's sweating, his face crumpled, he's in some distress. He coughs, covering his mouth, he takes his hand away with blood on it.




We are looking over Hidaka's shoulder as he is straddling a passed out Aiko (still in her robe). He unbuttons his shirt and takes it off. Suddenly there is a huge flash of light from behind him sending him spinning around to see it. There, tightly curled, squatting on the ground, is a figure. It's Eriko as the angel, first her wings unfurl and stretch out. She then rises, shaking her long golden hair out, the fires of vengeance in her eyes - she is staring straight through Hidaka.


Hidaka: "This is some crazy trip!"


Angel Eriko: "I'm afraid this will be your last."


Hidaka: "Are you real? Who are you?"


Angel Eriko: "I am very much real, as you will soon find out. For all that you have done to so many, for this poor soul tonight, this will be your end."


At this, she draws her flaming sword, raises it high. Right then, Aiko shifts positions and groans, the hair falling away from her face, revealing her identity to Eriko.


Aiko: "Ughhhh..."


Eriko's eyes widen as she recognizes her friend.


Angel Eriko: "Aiko!"


Eriko rushes to her side. Noticing the opportunity, Hidaka runs for it, shirtless and shoeless. Eriko takes Aiko in her arms. Aiko still has her robe on, it doesn't appear that she's been violated, however, she is completely out of it. In Eriko's arms, Aiko opens her eyes slightly and looks up at Eriko.


Aiko: "You?...Why are you...?"


Angel Eriko: "Shhhh, this will all be over soon. I shall deliver you to safety."


Aiko: "Arishi..."


Angel Eriko: "Quiet, your heart is racing, you won't make it long if we don't move."


Aiko: "How are you...?"


Angel Eriko: "There is much you don't know about me. But I am not, and have never been your enemy. In fact, you have been the most dedicated protector of my most precious treasure. I owe my happiness to you. Now, rest, I'm going to get you help."


Aiko: "I...I don't..."


Angel Eriko: "And tomorrow, you won't remember this at all, so worry not."


Eriko folds her body around Aiko, her wings covering everything entirely as she holds Aiko. Suddenly the blue light and tendrils reach out and envelope the two of them and they disappear.



Yuka in bed, asleep. The moon is coming in through the window. She's tossing and turning. We see faint images from her dreams. A slap, a shove, a choke, teenage Suzu and elementary age Yuka crying, a flash of light, a blood splatter, a feather falling. We don't see who was committing the violence. There is a voice calling.


Voice: "Yuka!"


All of a sudden she startles awake, clenching at her heart. Her breathing is fast. She gets out of bed, goes to the window, and stares out at the snow coming down in the moonlight. Tears are streaking down her face.




A hospital worker is walking up towards the hospital emergency entrance on his way into work.


               Worker: "Sucks, having to work on Christmas."


As he is walking up, he see's Aiko laying on the pavement in front of the emergency area. He rushes over and checks her pulse.


Worker: "We need help out here!"


Aiko is on a stretcher, doctors and nurses are swarming around, hooking up IVs, putting a pulse-ox meter on her, taking blood pressure, etc...


Nurse: "Pressure is dropping."


Doctor: "Keep pushing that saline."


Aiko is passed out, but also a bit delirious, she's moaning:


Aiko: "Shiori...Shiori..."


Another nurse: "Have we found an ID yet?"


Nurse 3: "Nothing yet."


Nurse: "I've got her cell phone over here."


Nurse 2: "Heart rate is climbing..."




Hatsue comes into her house. The lights are all off. She's being quiet as she closes the door and takes her shoes off.


Hatsue (whispering to no one): "I'm home"


Hatsue (to herself): "It was magical, everything he said, everything we did..."


She's glowing in her joy. Suddenly she hears a voice and is startled.


Voice: "Where have you been?"


Hatsue: "Tetsu?"


Tetsu: "I've been calling everyone."


Hatsue: "I'm sorry, we went to a movie."


Tetsu: "And you didn't think to call?"


Hatsue: "My phone broke and I was having a good time, I just lost track of the time."


Tetsu: "Do you know what I thought? I thought you were lying somewhere, hurt, or worse."


Hatsue: "But I was just with Ishihara-kun."


Tetsu: "Exactly! Who knows what he could have done to you."


Hatsue: "But he wouldn't..."


Tetsu: "That's what you thought the last time."


Hatsue: "Please, I've tried so hard."


Tetsu: "I know, I know, but I won't always be there to save you. You have to use your head, you have to protect yourself."


Hatsue: "I'm so sorry, I wasn't trying to worry you."


Tetsu: "But you did. I want to trust him. I want to trust you, but what do I do when you don't show up and I can't find you?"


Hatsue: "Please, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. It was just so wonderful, I was just so happy."


Tetsu: "But what about how I felt?"


Hatsue: "Please, don't ruin this night for me. I don't want to remember it like this."


Tetsu: "Fine then. For now, just go to bed. We'll talk more in the morning."


Hatsue: "Oh...okay."




Aiko in a hospital room now. She's still got an IV hooked up. She is asleep, but starting to rouse. She hears a voice coming from the hallway.


Voice: "...I don't care about your reputation. You need to be here...For once, be a father first!"


Shiori comes into the room. She notices that, although bleary-eyed and still out of it, Aiko is looking at her.


Shiori: "Aiko, stupid, stupid Aiko, you had me so worried!"


Aiko's voice is quiet, shaky and barely audible.


Aiko: "Y...You'"


Shiori: "Apparently you kept calling my name."


Aiko: "Where?"


Shiori: "You're at the main hospital branch."


Aiko looks confused.


Shiori: "You were found outside."


Aiko: "What happened?"


Shiori: "They told me you overdosed on some pretty bad stuff. You almost died. Do you remember?"


Aiko: "I...I'm not...sure."


Shiori: "Okay, that doesn't matter now. Just rest, and concentrate on getting better."


Aiko: "Don't go."


Shiori: "I won't. I promise, never again."


Aiko closes her eyes and goes back to sleep.


Shiori (to herself): "How did you end up like this? If I were there, would things have been different?"


Shiori: "Now, where's her phone?"







Shiori is waiting outside the front of the hospital. Warming her hands by blowing on them, rubbing them together, in the dark, it's nearing dawn. Yuka and Suzu run up.


Suzu: "It's been a long time."


Shiori: "Kiyoura-san. Thank you for coming out so late, or maybe early?"


Looking at Yuka.


Shiori: "Are you really Yuka-chan?"


Yuka shyly nods 'yes.'


Shiori (to herself): "She still doesn't talk."


Shiori: "I can't believe how grown up you are."


Suzu: "What happened to Aiko-chan?"


Shiori: "Well, we're still trying to piece all of that together. But it looks like she'll come through this."


Suzu: "I'm relieved."


Shiori: "So am I, but I think the real work is just starting."




Yuka looks at Shiori and then Suzu from the entrance to Aiko's room. Aiko is still asleep and hooked up to the IV and monitors.


Shiori: "It's okay, go in, please."


Yuka goes over to Aiko's bedside. She's looking at her sleeping face, her unkempt hair, her monitors and other things hooked up to her. Aiko is restless in her sleep. She's tossing a little and her face is scrunching as if she's in pain. She's sweating. Tears start to come to Yuka's eyes. She takes Aiko's hand in hers. At this, Aiko stirs slightly. She turns her head and opens her eyes, barely.


Aiko: "Yu...ka..."


Yuka starts sobbing (silently) and puts her head down onto Aiko's arm/side. Aiko turns her head away, towards the window, and closes her eyes. She pulls her arm away from Yuka. Yuka tries to touch Aiko, but Aiko pulls away. Yuka stands up and walks towards the door where Shiori and Suzu have been watching.


Shiori: "I'm sure she's just tired."


Suzu: "Thank you for calling us. Please let us know if there is anything we can do."


Shiori: "You've already done so much all these years. Please don't give up on her, okay?"


While wiping tears away, Yuka nods 'yes.'


Shiori: "Okay then."


Yuka gives Shiori a big hug. Shiori holds Yuka tightly and cries.




Suzu and Yuka are walking out of the hospital as the sun is coming up. As they are leaving, Jutaro Okumura (Aiko's dad) is storming in to the hospital, followed by some of his staff.


Jutaro: "Let's make this quick and discrete."


Random person in lobby: "Isn't that Okumura-sama?"


Random other person: "What would he be doing here?"


Random person in lobby: "Maybe he's here to buy the hospital?"


Suzu and Yuka turn to watch him walk past them. They look at each other.


Suzu: "Is that really who I think it is?"


Yuka nods 'yes.'


Suzu: "He actually came..."


Jutaro goes up to Shiori who is talking to a doctor in the hallway.


Jutaro: "Shiori."


Shiori: "Father, you came!"


Jutaro: "Doctor, is there a private room we can speak in?"


Shiori: "You're not even going to see her?"


Jutaro: "I have pressing matters to attend to."




Shiori, Jutaro and the doctor are in a small conference room.


Shiori: "You've known about this, right?"


Jutaro: "She's an embarrassment."


Shiori: "And just whose fault do you think that is?"


Jutaro: "How dare you speak to me that way after abandoning your family and your responsibility?!"


Shiori: "I never wanted that responsibility. You never listened to me. I was never your future. But she is!"


Jutaro: "And so your sister pays the price for your selfishness."


Shiori: "Is that really how you see it? That this is my fault?"


Jutaro: "You have both made your choices."


Shiori: "And so what, you're just going to ignore all this? You're just going to ignore her suffering?"


Jutaro: "I cannot afford to ignore this. If the press were to find out, if something even more shameful were to happen, it could have disastrous effects for the company."


Shiori: "Money, is that all you care about? Don't you have enough already? What good did it do mom? All your money and you couldn't stop her from wasting away."


Jutaro: "You speak like you were the one there, watching her deteriorate. But it was you who abandoned her."


Shiori: "You abandoned her a long time before that, just like you abandoned me. But you don't have to leave Aiko, you can save her."


Jutaro: "What is there worth saving?"


Shiori: "If not for her, then for your god forsaken company."


Jutaro: "What are you suggesting?"


Doctor: "Cough...If I may, there is a very discrete treatment program a fair distance from here. They specialize in these situations. It is possible she could make a full recovery."


Jutaro: "And the cost?"


Shiori: "The cost!? This is her life you are talking about!"


Jutaro ignores Shiori and speaks to the doctor.


Jutaro: "And we can keep this discrete?"


Doctor: "I assure you, no one is aware of who she is as of yet, she's admitted here under a pseudonym because we had no ID when we found her."


Jutaro: "Please contact my secretary to make arrangements."




The black panels with the white starburst lights representing Kami-sama, Eriko's mother, and angel Eriko.


Kami-sama: "Another night, another choice."


Eriko: "What more do you want? You saw it all, you see that she loves me."


Kami-sama: "And what if you hadn't intervened tonight? Could you live as a human, knowing the pain you would no longer be able to prevent?"


Eriko: "I am nothing, there will be another who can do this job. But for her, she is my everything. I want to be that for her too, something irreplaceable."


Kami-sama: "Then go, prove to me that you are irreplaceable to her, that there can be no one but you."


Eriko: "But how, how can I prove what is in the heart of another?"


Kami-sama: "Then perhaps it is futile?"


Eriko: "But your promise?"


Kami-sama: "That is the deal you made, that she would love you, truly, and deeply as you say you love her. You say you are willing to give up all your power and eternity for her, how can she possibly match that?"


Eriko: "All I can do is be true to my love for her. I am willing to risk it all for the chance she feels the same."


Kami-sama: "Then go."


Eriko's mother: "Good luck my child."

(to be continued...)

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