In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - Chapter 66

 "In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is a yuri manga I wrote. I can't draw, so I'm posting the scripts here for your enjoyment.

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" - by Jaime Lustig

Chapter 66

"A New Year"



Shiori comes into the main part of Aiko's house on New Year's eve evening, after the shrine visit. A housekeeper comes up to her.


Shiori (to herself): "It was good to see the shrine before we left."


Housekeeper: "Handa-sama, a gentleman of some standing has called for Okumura-ojou-sama several times while you were out. He said it was a matter of some urgency."


Shiori: "What did you tell him?"


Housekeeper: "Only that she was not available and that I would pass on the message."


Shiroi: "Thank you, I'll take that."


Housekeeper: "Very good ma'am."


Shiori (to herself): "Aiko, you haven't told me anything about what happened that night, and now some strange man is calling for you..."


Shiori pulls out his phone and dials the number.


voice: "Hello?"


Shiori: "I'm returning a call to the Okumura residence."


Voice: "Aiko-chan! Is that you?"


Shiori: "And who am I speaking with?"


Voice: "It's Tayama."


A pause.


Tayama: "Kijuro Tayama...I've been worried Okumura-san, I'm so glad you called."


Shiori: "This is actually her sister. How do you know Aiko?"


Tayama: "Oh, a pleasure to meet you, let me go someplace quieter..."


Shiori: "So you are?"


Tayama: "Her father introduced us. We go out for dinner sometimes."


Shiori: "You don't sound like you're in highschool."


Tayama: "True, true. My father is in the same line of business as your father. I work for him and run a local art gallery."


Shiori: "And what exactly are your intentions with Aiko?"


Tayama: "I'm more concerned with whether she has any intentions towards me."


Shiori: "Cold shoulder, huh?"


Tayama: "Ha, You could say that!"


Shiori: "So what did you want tonight that was so urgent?"


Tayama: "I thought she might come to my New Year's party, but I haven't been able to reach her in a while."


Shiori: "And you're saying you have no idea why that is?"


Tayama: "Should I?"


Shiori: "When was the last time you saw her?"


Tayama: "It's been more than two weeks, before her finals. I thought she'd at least take my call after they were done."


Shiori: "So you weren't with her last week?"


Tayama: "No, why?"


Shiori: "I'm glad to hear that."


Tayama: "You're scaring me. Is everything okay?"


Shiori: "I hope so. I'll let her know you called."




At the New Year's party at Tayama's art gallery. After getting off the phone, Tayama goes up and grabs Hidaka by the collar, everyone freezes wondering what's going on.


Hidaka: "Not here, okay?"


They're out back behind the gallery now.


Tayama: "What do you know?"


Hidaka: "About what?"


Tayama: "About Okumura-san!"


Hidaka: "What is she to you?"


Tayama: "I'm in love with her, okay?! Now, tell me what you know!"


Hidaka: "She's not who you think she is."


Tayama: "What's that supposed to mean?"


Hidaka: "Just let it go, okay, she's not worth it."


Tayama: "What did you do?"


Hidaka: "You know me, sometimes things get a little out of hand..."


Tayama punches him across the face, Hidaka falls to the ground. Tayama grabs him by the collar lifting his face up, blood in the corner of Hidaka's mouth.


Tayama: "Did you sleep with her?"


Hidaka has a flashback to Eriko drawing her sword on him that night in the inn. Hidaka starts to cry, terror in his eyes. Tayama punches him again.


Tayama: "Tell me, in words, so I don't make any mistake."


Hidaka, picking his head up.


Hidaka: "I...I tried...but..."


Tayama: "But what?"


Hidaka: "She wouldn't."


Tayama punches him again. He's really bleeding and bruised now.


Tayama: "Did you force her?!"


Hidaka: " swear."


Tayama: "You swear on your pathetic little life?"


Hidaka: "I swear..."


Tayama drops him and Hidaka catches himself with his hands, coughing.


Tayama: "Don't come back to work."



It's dark still, but there is the faint hint of light on the horizon. Yuka and Eriko are standing on the walk in front of the beach. Yuka in her yukata. There isn't anyone else around.


Eriko (to herself): "The beach, at dawn, it's strange...why does this feel familiar?"


Eriko: "Want something?"


Yuka shakes her head 'no.' She looks distant.


Eriko: "Oh, um, okay."


Eriko (to herself): "I wish I could tell what she was thinking."


Yuka slips off her traditional sandals (geta). She steps into the sand, let's her feet sink into the cold wet sand. Yuka walks forward towards the water. We see her from behind.


Eriko (to herself): "She looks fragile, dressed like that, alone out here..."


Yuka is standing, looking at the water, the waves slowly coming in and out. Eriko walks up next to her, they stay standing there looking out at the rising sun starting to peek above the horizon. Yuka starts to shiver.


Eriko: "'re cold? We should go."


Yuka shakes her head 'no' but doesn't make eye contact, she continues staring intently out into the ocean, her eyes stay vacant.


Eriko (to herself): "What should I do?"


Eriko makes a tentative move towards Yuka, but then pulls back, uncertain.


Eriko (to herself): "Remember what Ha-chan said!"


Eriko reaches out and pulls Yuka into an embrace, wrapping her arms around her, pulling Yuka in tight.


Eriko: " that...warmer?"


Yuka leans her head against Eriko's chest, closes her eyes, and has a delicate, almost invisible, smile on her face...contentment. Eriko blushes and then looks out at the water herself.


After some time, Eriko, while still looking out at the water says to Yuka:


Eriko: "I...I really want...I mean...would it be"


Yuka moves ever so slightly back so that she can look up at Eriko. She takes a hand and uses it to turn Eriko's face to hers. They're deeply looking into each other's eyes. Yuka raises herself up on her toes and guides Eriko's face down to hers with her hand until their lips meet. The sun peeks above the horizon illuminating a brilliant sunrise.


When they separate, they are staring at each other. Eriko blushes and looks away.


Eriko: "Umm...this might be strange but...can I see your bag?"


Yuka gives her a funny look, shrugs, and gives Eriko her bag.


Eriko: "Can around?"


Yuka turns around. She hears Eriko fiddling with things behind her. Yuka has a funny/scrunchy look on her face like she can't wait to see what's happening.


Eriko: " can turn, um, around."


Yuka turns and Eriko opens up her hands to Yuka to reveal two pink "love" charms from the temple. Yuka's eyes widen.


Eriko: "I, um...bought another we could both have the pink one."


Yuka lets out the biggest, beaming, open-mouth smile, almost laughing. She throws herself into Eriko's arms.


Eriko (to herself): "Every bit of this is like a dream...a dream I never thought I'd ever have...but it's much better..."


Eriko: "What should we do, um, with these?"


Eriko pulls the two blue ones from her pocket. Yuka takes them and rushes towards the water.


Eriko: "Wait?! What are you...?"


Yuka takes and throws them as hard and far as she can out into the water.


Eriko: "'s okay then, isn't it?"


Yuka turns and looks at her with a questioning face.


Eriko: "I mean...that we're both's really this way?"


Eriko (to herself): "I can't believe I'm saying this out loud."


Yuka looks at her and nods her head slowly 'yes.' Yuka then comes up to Eriko, and takes both her hands in hers, gently playing with the fingers, slowly interlocking them, bringing them up in front of her face, and gently placing it against her (Yuka's) cheek. As she runs Eriko's fingers down her cheek they eventually graze against the scar on her neck. All of a sudden, at this, everything starts to black out and we get a searing flashback.



We see bits of a beach, waves crashing in. We see the legs of a young girl standing out in the water (the framing doesn't let us see the whole of who this is).


Voice from the shore: "Don't go out too far, okay?"


The girl starts walking farther out, getting deeper and deeper, the water rising past her waist.


Voice: "Yuka, that's far enough."


Yuka (middle school age) keeps walking farther out, the water is half-way up her chest now, we're still seeing Yuka from behind.


Voice: "Stop! Where are you going? Come back here! Yuka!”


Just then, Yuka gets hit by a big wave, dragging her under, and she doesn't surface. We turn to see a distraught Suzu (just past her teens), eyes wide, in abject fear.


Suzu: "Yuka!"


Suzu runs in to get her. She frantically is searching under the water. Her hand finally grabs Yuka's arm and hauls her up. Suzu drags her onto the beach.


Suzu: "Yuka! no, please, don't do this, come back to me, don't leave me all alone."


She's still not waking up.


Suzu (crying desperately): “NOOO!!! Don’t leave me!!! Don’t you dare leave me!!!”


Yuka coughs and opens her eyes. Suzu collapses onto her.


Suzu: "Stupid, how could you? Don't ever do that again! Promise!? Promise?"


They're on the sand, Suzu holding her tight, crying, Yuka has a blank, tired expression, distant, vacant.

[Flashback over]


Eriko and Yuka both gasp and Eriko pushes Yuka away and they both fall backwards onto the sand. Eriko is breathing hard and rapidly. Yuka is sitting back, stunned, unsure of what was just experienced.


Eriko (to herself): "What was that? Was that real? Did she really try"


Eriko looks up to see Yuka in shock. Tears are starting to form in Yuka's eyes.


Eriko: "'m sorry...I don't know what..."


Eriko starts to get herself up off the sand.


Eriko (to herself): "Did she see the same things? Can I ask her? Are they real?"


Eriko: "This place...have you come here...before?"


Yuka looks down, then off towards the water again, staring blankly out to sea.




It's early morning. Eriko and Yuka walk up to Yuka's apartment building.


Eriko (to herself): "I feel like I ruined everything."


Yuka and Eriko are in awkward silence, not knowing how to part, but not feeling especially close due to the incident on the beach.


Eriko (to herself): "I can't let it end like this."


Eriko: " you want to visit the shrine...together?"


Yuka looks up and makes eye contact with her. She nods 'yes' slowly, almost sadly, but relieved too.


Eriko (to herself): "Thank god, maybe she doesn't hate me?"


Eriko: "Oh, um, okay then...I'll call you?"


Yuka nods 'yes' again. Some more awkward pause/silence.


Eriko: "Okay...bye."


Eriko pauses awkwardly, then turns around as if to start walking away. Yuka reaches out and grabs her hand, turning Eriko around. Yuka then plants a light kiss on Eriko's cheek, pausing, then running off (as much as she can in her geta - the traditional sandals) towards the stairs. She looks back and waves at the stunned Eriko as she does, smiling gently. Eriko, in shock, puts up a hand to wave.




Aiko, sitting up in bed in the hospital, alone in the room, looking out the window.


Aiko (to herself): "A new year...what do I have to look forward to? It's all gone...everything...I can't do this anymore. What's the point of leaving if I just have to come back to the same awful life? And time I think about...I'm"


She puts her head in her hands and cries.




A small treatment room in a hospital emergency department. Tayama is getting his hand bandaged by a nurse. Outside the room, two nurses are having a conversation.


Nurse 1: "Did you prepare the discharge papers for the VIP?"


Nurse 2: "Yes, they're all set, her sister signed her out."


Tayama (overhearing this): "VIP? Sister? I wonder?!"


Tayama busts out of his room between them. They're slightly flustered, he flashes them a brilliant smile.


Tayama: "What room would that be?"




Aiko's hospital room, mid-morning, 9am-ish. Shiori and Aiko are packing up the room.


Shiori: "Do you have everything?"


Aiko: "It's just the books you brought me."


Shiori: "Well, I've got your clothes in the car. They said you couldn't bring much."


Aiko: "That's fine."


Shiori: "You're not resisting this."


Aiko: "What choice do I have?"


Shiori: "You could say 'no.'"


Aiko (to herself): "I've lost everything, I've lost her...I'm so...ashamed of myself."


Aiko: "I...I don't want to feel like this anymore. I don't want to"


Shiori: "Oh, Aiko!"


Just as Shiori says this, Tayama comes bursting in the door.


Tayama: "Okumura-san!"


He stops, out of breath, as Shiori and Aiko are staring at him.


Aiko: "What are you doing here?"


Shiori: "Is this him? Is he the one who did this to you!?"


Aiko sees that his hands are bruised and scuffed.


Aiko: "No, not him."


Tayama: "Sorry, sorry, I'm Kijuro Tayama."


Shiori: "Ah, the gentleman caller! I'm Shiori Handa, Aiko's sister. It's good to meet you in person."


Tayama: "Yes, you too."


Shiori: "I'll leave you two to talk, don't be long though, we've got to make the train."


Tayama: "Train?"


Aiko: "I'm leaving, for a while."


Tayama: "But you'll be back?"


Aiko: "Sometime...I have nowhere else to go."


Tayama: "Don't say that...besides, you have to come back to take over for your father."


Aiko: "He's pretty much disavowed my existence now."


Tayama: "You must be pretty happy about that?"


Aiko: "Haha, yeah, it's a nice silver lining."


Shiori, listening outside the door.


Shiori (to herself): "She's laughing, it's been so long."


Aiko: "How did you know I was here?"


Tayama: "They might need to retrain some of the staff."


Aiko: "Between you and my sister..."


Tayama: "What?"


Aiko: "Nothing"


She reaches out to take his bandaged



Aiko: "Your hand, what happened?"


Tayama: "Defending your honor."


Aiko blushes and turns away, smiling slightly.


Tayama: "That smile was worth a broken hand any day."


Aiko: "You're relentless, aren't you?"


Tayama: "Only with you."


Aiko: "I...I still have trouble...believing you."


Tayama: "That's okay, I've got time."




Hatsue and Ishihara are walking around the shinto shrine. They wash their hands, ring the bell, make a prayer.


Ishihara: "Weren't we meeting your friends here?"


Hatsue: "Yeah, Eriko-chan sounded really tired though."


As they walk, they see, backlit by the mid-morning sun, two figures, one tall, one short, walking towards them.


Hatsue (to herself): "Is that...?"


Suddenly they come into focus, it's Eriko and Yuka walking, holding hands with each other. As they get close, Eriko drops Yuka's hand and puts hers behind her back, she's blushes and looks off to the side, trying to pretend they weren't just holding hands.


Hatsue (to herself): "Were they holding hands?"


Eriko: "Ummm, happy new year."


Hatsue: "Happy new year Yuka-chan, Eriko-chan!"


Ishihara: "Happy new year to you both."


Hatsue: "Is Okumura-san coming too?"


Yuka looks uncomfortable, and shakes her head 'no.'


Hatsue (to herself): "When will they fix things?"


Hatsue: "Did you want to pray, we already went?"


Eriko (checking with Yuka): "Oh, um, okay."


Ishihara and Hatsue watch as the other two go up to pray. They each drop a coin in, ring the bell, clap and pray. As they pray, they turn and look at each other, Yuka smiles big, Eriko blushes, and quickly turns away to finish praying with a final clap.


Hatsue (to herself): "I wonder..."


Ishihara: "Anyway you look at it, I just get the feeling that those two are a couple."


Hatsue blushes and is flustered by this comment.


Hatsue: "Wh...what do you mean?"


Ishihara: "Well, can't you just tell, when two people are in love, isn't that what they look like?"


Hatsue: "Is that what...we...look like?"


Ishihara: "I sure hope so! Don't they look happy?"


Hatsue: "They do, don't they? And you're okay with it?"


Ishihara: "What? That they're both girls?"


Hatsue: "Yeah."


Ishihara: "What do I care? That's their business. Doesn't hurt anyone to have more people in love."


Hatsue: " really are...amazing."


Just then, Hatsue and Ishihara notice that Yuka has come up to them and is watching them with interest. When they notice, she gives them a big smile and Hatsue blushes. Eriko comes up behind Yuka to join the group.


Hatsue: "Ah, Yuka-chan!"


Ishihara: "Should we walk around a little bit?"


The four of them are walking. Eriko and Hatsue drift to the back.


Eriko (to herself): "Can I tell her? I want to tell her."


Hatsue: "You seemed tired this morning."


Eriko: "Ah, I late."


Hatsue: "What were you doing?"


Eriko: "I...I mean...we...went to, uh, watch the sunrise."


Hatsue: "And this 'we' you speak of...?"


Eriko: "Um...Kiyoura-chan."


Hatsue: "Heehee, and...?"


Eriko: "She...she said..."


Hatsue: "..."


Eriko: "...yes."


Hatsue: "Eeeeeee!"


Hatsue squeals and gives Eriko the biggest hug making quite a scene in front of the crowds. Eriko is naturally mortified at this and is squirming and trying to put Hatsue off her. Yuka and Ishihara share a big knowing smile with each other at Hatsue's reaction.




We see Aiko on the train. Shiori is sleeping on Aiko's shoulder. Aiko has the window seat. She's watching as the countryside rolls by.


Aiko (to herself): "Maybe...if you'll let me...I'll come back to you...better...stronger...someone who can proudly stand by your side."




Eriko, asleep in bed, late into the first night of the new year. She's dreaming, tossing and turning. We see bits of this dream.



Voices in the dream, only blurry images, nothing concrete, mixed with images of Eriko tossing and turning in bed.


"stop. stop!"


"don't hurt Suzu"


"don't hurt her"


"stop hurting her"


"Wait! What are you going to do?"






"NO, what have I done!"


"Please, oh please!"




The all black panels with the two starbursts of white light representing Kami-sama and Eriko's mother.


Eriko's mother: "She's remembering more by the day."


Kami-sama: "It won't be long now."

(to be continued...)

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