In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - Chapter 75

 "In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is a yuri comic I wrote. I can't draw, so I'm posting the scripts here for your enjoyment.

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" by Jaime Lustig

Chapter 75

"Now That You Know"



Eriko in her bed. It's morning. She's curled up in a fetal position.


Eriko (to herself): "What is her mom doing here? Does she live nearby? Should I tell Kiyoura that I saw her? How can I keep it from her? But the visions I had..."


There's a crash sound from outside her room. We next see Eriko dashing into the kitchen entryway.


Eriko: "Arishima!?"


She sees him standing over the sink with a broken plate at his feet.


Heizo: "Good morning Eriko-chan! I'm sorry, did I wake you?"


Eriko: "Are you alright?"


Heizo: "Sorry, sorry, it slipped while I was washing it."


Eriko sighs and braces herself against the doorway.


Heizo: "Cough...cough...School today?"


Eriko turns her head away from him.


Eriko: "No...I...I should be here with you."


Heizo: "Ha, I'll be fine, I'm just old, not much we can do about that."


Eriko gives him a questioning look.


Heizo: "Don't waste your time on an old man, see your friends, see the little miss."


Eriko blushes.


Eriko: "No, I...I can't go."


Heizo: "Hmmmm. Well, have breakfast at least. Cough...cough..."


Eriko (to herself): "How can you be so brave?"




Class that morning. Eriko's desk is empty. Yuka turns to Hatsue with a questioning face.


Hatsue: "She hasn't said anything to you?"


Yuka shakes her head 'no.'


Hatsue: "I called yesterday and Arishima-san said she wasn't feeling well."


Yuka sighs and furrows her brow.


Hatsue: "You don't buy it either, do you?"


Yuka shakes her head 'no.'


Aiko: "Hasekura-san and I will be fine without you after school."


Hatsue and Yuka turn to look at Aiko who says this without even looking up from the book she's reading.


Hatsue (to herself): "I'll be damned. She's back to her old self again...or maybe better!"


Yuka enthusiastically nods 'yes' to Aiko and takes Aiko's hands in hers as thanks. Aiko turns to the side blushing slightly.


Aiko: "Besides, you're still coming over this weekend to finish, right?"




The doorbell rings. Heizo slowly makes his way over to open the door.


Heizo: "Ah, hello little one...cough...cough...excuse me...Come in, come in."


Yuka bows and comes in. She takes off her shoes.


Heizo: "I'll get some tea. Why don't you see if Eriko-chan would like to join us?"


Yuka looks at him hesitantly.


Heizo: "Go on, it's alright."


Yuka walks down to the door of Eriko's room. She pauses before knocking, takes a deep breath, but then lightly knocks. When there is no answer or sound, she slowly opens the door. It's dark in the room, the curtains are drawn so only some small rays of light are peaking through, highlighting some dust in the air.


As she enters, she sees the valentine's bag on Eriko's desk (the one Eriko would have given to Yuka). The room is still and Eriko is sleeping in her bed. Yuka walks over to her and looks at Eriko's sleeping face, her eyelashes, her long light hair scattered all over and across her face. Yuka tentatively begins to reach out, then pulls back, then reaches out and brushes the hair from Eriko's face. Eriko lets out the slightest sound. Yuka is transfixed looking at her sleeping. She gently bends down to kiss Eriko on the cheek. As her lips touch Eriko's cheek she gets a vivid and disturbing flashback.



We see Rieko (her face clear to us now, a younger version of the woman in the udon shop who met Eriko). She slaps teenage Suzu again and again. (Suzu is a teenager and Yuka about 5)


Young Yuka: “Stop, stop, don’t hurt Suzu, don’t hurt her! Stop hurting her!”


There’s a brilliant flash of light. Yuka finds herself staring at something. Curled in the corner is something, someone, covered in feathers. It rises, radiant in light, wings spreading to reveal a tall slender young woman, as the wings open and the woman looks up, we see that it is Eriko as the angel Raguel. Yuka stares wide eyed at this strange figure, transfixed. We are seeing the Angel Eriko through Yuka's young eyes.


Yuka (to herself): "She...she's so beautiful!"


Rieko: "What are you doing in my house?"


Angel Eriko: "SILENCE! You, who have been entrusted with the most sacred of duties, motherhood, has forsaken that vow. You have stolen their innocence, but I shall be the one to restore it."


Eriko draws her flaming sword and gets ready to strike the final blow. There is fire in her eyes.


Yuka (to herself): "Did she come to help mom?"


Rieko: "Wait! What are you going to do?"


Angel Eriko: "What you have taken from them, I shall take from you a thousand-fold. Meet your judgment!"


Eriko raises the sword and begins to charge and swing at Rieko.




Seeing Eriko move, Yuka instinctively runs in front of her mom (who is in front of Suzu) and comes between her mom and Eriko.


Yuka: "MOM!"


Eriko: "YUKA!"


Eriko's eyes widen as she tries to stop the fatal blow. But as she's trying to stop it the tip of the sword ever so slightly goes across Yuka's neck leaving the faintest trace of blood as it does so. Yuka crumples to the ground grabbing at her neck.


Angel Eriko: "NO, what have I done! Please, oh please no."

[Flashback ends]


Yuka falls back from her kiss of Eriko's cheek. Her eyes wide, tears streaming down her face. Eriko is still asleep.


Heizo is sitting at the table with three cups of tea and some snacks out. Yuka comes running past and hurriedly puts on her shoes and runs out of the house.


Heizo: "Kiyoura-chan, what is it?"


Heizo is left bewildered.


He gets up and goes to check on Eriko and finds her still asleep in her bed, however, he can see the blood seeping through her shirt in the shape of the two scars on her back.


Heizo: "What happened to you? What do you know?"




Suzu is coming in the apartment from work. It is all dark inside, the lights are off.


Suzu: "Maybe she's working late with Aiko-chan."


As her eyes adjust she sees the light under the door from Yuka's bedroom. She hears rummaging sounds coming from there as well.


Suzu: "Is he home? What's she up to?"


Suzu goes and before fully opening the door to Yuka's room, looks through the slightly ajar door and sees Yuka sitting on the ground with photo albums, flipping through them. Suzu enters.


Suzu: "What made you think to look at those?"


Yuka looks up with tears streaming down her face.


Suzu: "Oh Yuka!"


Suzu goes over and sits next to her. There are pictures of the four of them (mom, dad, Yuka and Suzu) when Yuka was just a toddler. Everyone looks so happy.


Suzu: "Remember that? Dad was so funny!"


But Yuka shakes her head 'no.'


Suzu: "I guess you were too young. Do you remember him at all?"


Yuka nods 'yes' vigorously.


Suzu: "That's good. I'm glad. Oh, look at this one! It must have been right before he died."


There's a picture of Mom, Dad and toddler-age Yuka from behind, with them all hand in hand, Yuka in the middle walking somewhere (ostensibly shot by Suzu).


Suzu: "I think we were going to the festival."


Yuka nods affirmatively, but solemnly and almost imperceptibly. Suzu turns the page and there's a picture of their mom smiling radiantly. Yuka runs a finger over the photo.


Suzu: "She was really beautiful. You're looking more and more like her each day."


Yuka looks up at Suzu wistfully with moist eyes.


Suzu (to herself): "It hurts how much you look like her."


Suzu turns the page, but there's nothing on the remaining pages of the album.


Suzu: "I suppose that's it? Huh? Nothing to really take pictures of after he died."


She closes the album.


Suzu: "Hey, feel like some hot chocolate?"


Yuka nods 'yes' but is still looking at the closed album. Suzu gets up and as she's leaving she glances back to see Yuka open the album and take out the picture of their mom. Suzu leaves the room as Yuka takes it out.


Suzu (to herself): "I wonder what you think of her? Do you hate her the way I do?"




Hatsue is sitting on a pretty couch in a sun-drenched, formal room, in a beautiful dress, staring listlessly off to the side.


Tetsu: "Are you that sad to be losing your big brother?"


Tetsu is finishing tying his tie for his tuxedo.


Hatsue: "You wish!"


They share a laugh.


Tetsu: "So then why the sour face today?"


Hatsue: "It's nothing."


Hatsue (to herself): "What's going on Eriko? Even Yuka-chan won't say."


She slaps the sides of her face to pull herself together.


Hatsue: "I really am happy for you and Megumi-chan."


Tetsu: "You know you can always come to me."


Hatsue: "I know. Thank you."


Ishihara (Toshikazu "Toshi") walks into the room.


Toshi: "Fujimaki-san, congratulations on your wedding day. Thank you for inviting me."


Tetsu: "Glad to have you here. You're someone important to our family as well. I'll leave you two, but Ha-chan, make sure you formally introduce him to mom and dad, okay?"


Hatsue: "Yeah, yeah."




The doorbell rings at Aiko's home. A (new) housekeeper answers it.


Housekeeper: "Yes?"


Silence on the intercom. the doorbell rings again.


Housekeeper: "Yes? How can I help you?"


More silence. The doorbell rings a third time.


Housekeeper: "Hmpf, we'll see about this!"


The housekeeper opens the door, stomps down the garden path towards the front entrance.


Housekeeper (under her breath): "Probably some little neighborhood punk, thinks he funny..."


She opens the gate to see Yuka standing there.


Housekeeper: "Oh!"


The housekeeper looks a little startled. Yuka gives a little smile, but she's still not okay, looking distracted and sad.


Housekeeper: "May I help you?"


Yuka shakes her head 'yes'


Housekeeper (to herself): "She must be that strange girl Ukiyo-san told me about."


Housekeeper: "Are you here to see Okumura-ojou-sama?"


Yuka nods 'yes.' The housekeeper scowls.


Housekeeper: "This way please."




Aiko and Yuka are sitting around a small table in Aiko's room. There is an awkward silence between them. Yuka is looking fragile.


Aiko (to herself): "Something is wrong. She wasn't like this when I left her at school."


Aiko: "It's been a while, hasn't it?"


Yuka nods 'yes' softly, she's fidgeting with her hands a bit. More silence.


Aiko: "Hasekura-san should be here soon."


Yuka nods 'yes' again softly. Some more time passes awkwardly.


Aiko: "I don't think the new housekeeper likes you."


Yuka looks up, but Aiko smiles back knowingly with a wink in her eye. Yuka smiles back at her, warmly, but still sadly. Kiko Hasekura walks in and sees this exchange.


Kiko (to herself): "Have they fixed things?"


Kiko: "Yo! It's about time, already."


Aiko: "What do you mean? You're the one who's late."


Kiko: "That's not what I meant at all!"


Aiko: "What exactly..?"


Cutting Aiko off.


Kiko: "Kiyoura-chan, how's your friend? Still sick?"


Yuka looks sad and downcast. She shrugs her shoulders.


Kiko (to herself): "Yikes, guess I shouldn't have asked."


Aiko (to herself): "I can't stand to watch Arishima treat you like this."


Kiko: ", should we get started?"




Eriko tending the counter in the shop. Leaning on it, with her head down on the glass top of the counter/cabinet.


Eriko (to herself): "I wonder what she's doing today? Things seemed better with Okumura-san last week. She has someone she can rely on. I'm glad...I think."


Heizo slowly shuffles in and coughs a few times. Eriko looks up.


Heizo: "Cough...cough...cough..."


Eriko: "Arishima-san, can I get you something?"


Heizo: "No, no. But why are you spending your weekend cooped up in here? Isn't there someone you'd rather spend your time with?"


Eriko: "Oh, want to be here...with you."


Heizo: "I may be too old to understand teenagers, but I'd be happy to listen, if you wanted to talk."


Eriko: "That', thank you."


Heizo: "Alright..."


He turns to start leaving.


Eriko: "Have...have you it okay to want something even though it might hurt someone else?"


Heizo: "Ah...that's a tough one. It's hard not to hurt or be hurt when we spend our time wanting."


Eriko: "Oh, um..."


Heizo: "Hahaha, not very helpful, was that? Look, love is a beautiful thing, that isn't something we should ever be shy about going after."


Eriko: "Hmmm, thanks...I'll...I'll think about that."


Eriko goes to lean back on the counter, Heizo puts a hand gently on her shoulder.


Heizo: "Don't spend your Saturday cooped up in here. Get some fresh air."




Eriko out on a walk.


Eriko (to herself): "So I, but I've hurt her again and again. Her mom hurt Kiyoura and her sister, but she claims to love them, and miss them...I don't get it...It seems like love only ever causes pain."


She sits down under the overpass over the canal. She shivers slightly with the breeze, there still aren't leaves on the trees yet.


Eriko (to herself): "It's still cold. I wonder when spring comes around here? Hmmm, I really am still a stranger aren't I? No idea who I am, where I've been or what I've done. But I've done something, haven't I? How else could I know those things about her? And now her mom finds me? I can't keep this a secret. But after everything...I don't want to be the one to tell her.




People are walking into the chapel for Tetsu's wedding. The parents of both families are greeting people as they enter. Hatsue and Toshi walk up to her parents (Yukiyo, mom and Kenji, dad).


Hatsue: "Mom, dad, there's someone I want you to meet."


The mom gives Toshi a good up and down look.


Toshi: "I'm Toshikazu Ishihara!"


Yukiyo Fujimaki: "Hmmm, looks good. Athlete right?"


Toshi: "Um, yes ma'am!"


Yukiyo: "But how are your studies? Will you be able to support a family? Or are you planning on making a career in sports?"


Hatsue: "MOOOOOM!"


Kenji Fujimaki: ""


Yukiyo "Hush dear, let the boy answer."


Toshi: "I do fine in school ma'am. I'm...I'm not sure yet what I want to do..."


Hatsue: "Hold on, hold on, what if I'm going to support the family?"


Kenji: "!"


Yukiyo: "Well I know you can, what I want to know is what does he think about that?"


Toshi: "Hat...Fujimaki-san is amazing, she can do anything she wants. I know it. But I won't make her do it alone, I won't chase a stupid dream."


Yukiyo: "So going professional is a stupid dream?"


Toshi: "'s not..."


Hatsue: "Jeez, mom, cut it out."


Yukiyo: "So you're okay with her working, while you travel to play ball? Knowing she'll have to put her career on hold to raise the kids so you can keep following your passion?


Kenji: "!?"


Toshi: "I won't make her do that!"


Yukiyo: "So what are your intentions then?"


Toshi: "I...I'm going to...I..."


Hatsue: "Toshi-kun, it's okay."


Turning to her mom.


Hatsue: "We're going to keep having fun, getting to know each other, take things slow, and we'll each follow our dreams. We'll make our choices, we'll make it work, and it'll all be worth it because we made those decisions together, whatever they are."


Yukiyo: "Hmmm...Do as you please."


Yukiyo (to herself): "Good girl."


Turning to Toshi.


Yukiyo: "Thank you for coming today. Please visit us at the house sometime."


Toshi: ", okay...thank you."


Hatsue leads Toshi away. He's sweating and nervous and she's comforting him as they walk away.


Hatsue: "I'm so sorry..."


Toshi: "I see where your brother gets it from."


The mother of Megumi (Tetsu's bride) comes over to Yukiyo.


Megumi's mom: "I'm grateful it's my daughter marrying into your family and not our son!"


The two moms share a knowing laugh. Hatsue's dad is still fretting in the background.


               Kenji: ""




Eriko is walking up towards Yuka's apartment building. As she gets closer, she freezes, stops and turns around.


Eriko: "I can't do this, what if she's there?"


She starts walking away. She stops, turns around to look up at it, then starts towards it again.


Eriko: "I have to tell Kiyoura-onee-san about their mom."


As she starts to get near it again, she stops, and turns around and walks away.


Eriko: "It''s none of my business."


She stops again, turns around to look up at the apartment.


Eriko: "But I can't keep this a secret, right?"


Voice from behind her: "Can't keep what a secret?"


Eriko startles, spins around into another scary defensive posture, ready to attack, intense eyes. But it's Suzu who came up behind her with grocery bags.


Suzu: "Whoa, settle down there, I didn't know you hated vegetables so much."


Eriko: "I'm sorry."


Suzu giving her a warm smile.


Suzu: "Relax, are you coming up?"


Eriko: " Kiyoura-san there?"


Suzu: "She's out helping Aiko-chan with the campaign."


Eriko: "Oh, okay then."

(to be continued...)

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