In the Morning, I'll Say Hello - Chapter 63

 "In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is a yuri manga I wrote. I can't draw so I'm posting the scripts here for your enjoyment.

"In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" - by Jaime Lustig

Chapter 63

"Christmas Day - Part 2"



Shiori’s (Aiko's sister's) house. Shiori is in the kitchen cooking. Shiori’s young son Kazu comes up to her in the kitchen.


Kazu: “When’s aunt Aiko coming?”


Shiori: “Hmmm, I thought she’d be here by now. I’ll give her another call.”


Shiori calls Aiko’s number but Aiko doesn’t answer.


Voice mail: “The party you are calling is either out of the service area or has their phone turned off. Please leave a message.”


Shiori: “Hi Aiko, Merry Christmas. I thought you were coming over today. Call me with your plans.”


Shiori hangs up but looks worried. Karu is looking up at her. Shiori feigns nonchalance.


Shiori: “I’m sure she’ll be here soon, she’s probably going through a tunnel on the train right now and that’s why she can’t answer. Help me with the vegetables?”


Kazu: “Sure!”




Hidaka and Aiko are in his car.


Hidaka: “This is unusual, you calling me during the day? On Christmas no less.”


Aiko: “Is it?”


Hidaka: “I assumed you’d have plans today. I’m just honored that you’d want to see me.”


Aiko: “Don’t flatter yourself.”


Hidaka: “So where are we going?”


Aiko: “I don’t care. Just drive.”


Hidaka: “You got it babe!”


He revs the car and speeds down the highway. The snow is lightly falling.




Suzu is sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in her hands. She looks downcast and somber. She hears the apartment door open and shut.


Suzu: “Yuka?!”


She goes to the entrance where Yuka is taking off her boots and coat.


Suzu: “Where did you go?”


Yuka doesn’t say anything, she's not making eye contact either.


Suzu: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you so upset.”


Yuka shakes her head 'no.'


Suzu: "Did you go to see Aiko-chan?"


Yuka nods 'yes' slowly.


Suzu: “Is everything okay now?”


Yuka shakes her head 'no' again.


Suzu: “Please, just tell me...anything.”


Yuka looks up at her for the first time with the saddest expression in her eyes, tears forming at their bases.


Suzu: “Oh, Yuka!”


Yuka collapses into Suzu's arms, they drop to the floor and Yuka sobs.


Suzu: “Just let it all out.”




Eriko is doing the dishes. She’s being quite aggressive while doing them (Being overly thorough and energetic about it). She thinks back to the kiss and blushes intensely.


Eriko (to herself): “I want to see her today. Can I call her?”


When she’s done with the dishes, she starts sweeping the floors (again, in an energetic, OCD-ish sort of way). Heizo is watching her amusedly.


Eriko (to herself): “Will I seem needy if I do?”


Then Eriko goes into the shop and starts dusting things.


Eriko (to herself): “Maybe...maybe I misunderstood? But that kiss? Friends don’t kiss that way, do they?”


Eriko goes into the bathroom and starts scrubbing the tub.


Eriko (to herself): “I wish I could just ask her. Could I just ask her? AHHHH, I want to see her so bad!”


At this point Heizo comes in.


Heizo: “Eriko-chan, dear, it’s Christmas, and your break, why are you spending the day cleaning?”


Eriko: “Oh,'s just..."


Heizo: “Here’s the phone.”


Eriko looks up at him in shock. He hands her the phone, smiles and laughs, and walks out of the bathroom.




Ishihara and Hatsue are at a cafe having lunch.


Ishihara: "Thank you so much for the gym bag, mine was all beat up, I love it!"


Hatsue: "Really?"


Ishihara reaches down and pulls up a gift bag.


Ishihara: "I got you something."


Hatsue: "You didn't have to do that!"


Ishihara: "But it's our first Christmas together."


Hatsue (to herself): "First, does that mean there will be more? I hope so."


Hatsue: "Can I open it?"


Ishihara: "It's a little embarrassing."


Hatsue reaches into the bag and pulls out a baseball. She looks quizzically at it.


Hatsue: "Um, thanks!"


Ishihara: "Turn it over."


Hatsue spins the ball around in her hand until she finds that there's a note written on it.


Note: "I hit my heart out of the park and you found it and kept it safe for me."


She looks at him with wide, searching, slightly teary eyes. Lost for words at the sweetness of his gesture.


Ishihara (blushing): "It's the homerun I hit, the second time we met."


Hatsue: "I...I...I love you so much!"


She blushes and clamps her hand over her mouth in shock that she said something so forthright. He reaches across and takes her hand in his.


Ishihara: "I love you too."


Hatsue: "I...I feel terrible, you did this for me, and all I got you was that stupid bag."


Ishihara: "Are you kidding? You just gave me the greatest gift possible."


Hatsue: "I did?"


Ishihara: "Yeah silly, you said you loved me!"




Hidaka and Aiko driving in his car. The snow is coming down a bit harder, they are on a long country road. They’re driving fast. Aiko has her head against the window, staring out, not making conversation with Hidaka.


Hidaka (to himself): “What’s up with her today?”


Hidaka: “When do I have to get you back?”


Aiko: “We’re on break from school.”


Hidaka: “Does that mean I don’t have to take you back?”


Aiko: “Do what you like.”


Right then an animal darts across the road. Hidaka breaks, the breaks lock up on the slick, lightly snow-covered road. The car starts skidding, it ultimately careens off the side of the road into a ditch with a fair amount of force due to the speed, crumpling the front of the car. All is still, smoke is coming from the engine, snow is falling.




Suzu and Yuka are on the couch, watching a movie. Yuka is laying with her head on Suzu’s lap, she’s also under a blanket. Suzu is running her fingers through Yuka’s hair. She can see the scar on her neck as well as the necklace.


Suzu (to herself): “What happened that day? I can’t ever seem to remember how you got this scar.”


The phone rings. Yuka looks up at Suzu.


Suzu: “I’ll just let the machine get it.”


Yuka nods 'yes' and turns back to the movie. The machine picks up.


Machine: “Hi, you’ve reached Suzu and Yuka, leave a message.”


Voice: “Oh, um...this”


Yuka gets up with a start upon hearing the voice and runs to answer the phone which she immediately hands to Suzu.


Voice: “, hello? Is someone there?”


Suzu: “Hi, it’s Suzu Kiyoura, who is this?”


Suzu stifles a little laugh under her breath as it's clear she knows it can only be Eriko who speaks like that.


Voice: “Oh,’s Arishima.”


Suzu: “Silly, we could tell from your message.”


Eriko: “"


Suzu (to herself): "Poor thing, sometimes I forget how sensitive you are."


Eriko: " was wondering...if maybe Kiyoura-san wanted to...well, maybe go out somewhere?”


Suzu (to herself): “Alright! Good job Eriko-chan!”


Suzu: “Well, let me ask her.”


Yuka is looking up at Suzu expectantly.


Suzu: “Eriko-chan is on the phone. She’s asking if you wanted to do something. But, I can tell her you’re busy or something if you want.”


Yuka vigorously shakes her head 'no' and grabs Suzu’s shirt.


Suzu: “HAHAHAHAHA. I'm glad.”


Suzu (to herself): "They're so fun to tease."


Suzu takes her hand off the phone’s mic.


Suzu: “Eriko-chan? She says she really wants to see you today.”


Yuka squeezes her eyes tight in embarrassment at this and she waves her hands in front of her face.


Eriko: “Oh...”


Suzu: “Why don’t you come over and pick her up?”


Eriko: “Um...Okay...thank you.”


Suzu: “Bye bye, Eriko-chan.”


Suzu hangs up the phone. She sits down on the couch nonchalantly. Yuka is left standing there, she goes around to Suzu and inquires.


Suzu: “She’s on her way over.”


Yuka smiles big at her, looks at herself in her casual clothes, freaks out, and runs to her room (presumably to get dressed).


Suzu: “So she can bring your smile back?"




Eriko walks up to Yuka's apartment building.


Eriko (to herself): "Won't things be weird? I mean, what do I say to her when I see her...after...after yesterday...?"


She starts to dither and turns away.


Eriko (to herself): "But, she said she wants to see me. So, she must be okay with...with the..."


She turns back towards the building.


Eriko (to herself): "But, what are we exactly? Are we going out? Is she my girlfriend? I did confess, I think. Can we...kiss...again?"


She grabs her head and lets out a groan:


Eriko: "Arghhhhhh."


She looks up at the door to their apartment. She thinks back to opening the dress the day before, and realizing that Yuka had waited with it all that time.


Eriko (to herself): "Is she really waiting there, for me?"


She lets out a big sigh, and heads up the stairs. She rings the doorbell and Suzu answers.


Suzu: "Eriko-chan! Merry Christmas!"


Eriko: "Oh, Merry Christmas."


Suzu: "Come in, come in."


Eriko enters and takes off her shoes.


Suzu: "Have a seat. I'll bring out some tea."


Eriko: "That's okay...I'm fine."


Suzu: "Please, it's no trouble. Besides, she's taking a while to get ready."


Eriko is sitting on the couch with tea in hand. Suzu is sitting across the small table from her. Eriko is awkward, Suzu is studying her and loving Eriko's discomfort.


Suzu (to herself): "She looks more uncomfortable than normal. That's got to be a good sign!"


Eriko: "Umm...about...the party?"


Suzu (to herself) "Oh, so bold!"


Suzu: "Ah, sorry, sorry, something came up and I had to step out."


Eriko: "Oh, but Ha-chan?"


Suzu: "What about her? Didn't she come over?"


Suzu (to herself): "Good job Hatsue-chan! This is so much fun!"


Eriko: "I thought...nevermind."


Right then Yuka comes out, looking really cute. Eriko turns to see her and blushes but doesn't look away. Yuka blushes too.


Eriko: " look...really..."


Suzu (to herself - on the edge of her seat): "...really..."


Eriko (very quietly): ""


Eriko (to herself): "I can't believe I just said it."


Suzu (to herself): "I can't believe she just said it! Will someone ever look at me that way?"




The country highway, two guys in a car driving. They're chatting away.


Man 1: "What's that?"


Man 2: "Looks like someone went off the road."


Man 1: "Should we stop?"


Man 2: "Might as well."


They pull over. They cautiously get out of their car and make their way over to the wreck.


Man 1: "Do you think they survived?"


Man 2: "It looks pretty bad, I don't see any footsteps."


As they get near it, they can hear voices from within.


Hidaka: "Are you okay?"


Aiko: "Yes, I'm fine."


A knock on the window shocks both Hidaka and Aiko.


Man 1: "Is anyone hurt?"


Hidaka rolls down the window.


Hidaka: "We're okay, but we could use a lift."


Man 1: "Where to?"


Hidaka: "Back to..."


Aiko cuts him off.


Aiko: "Is there somewhere to stay around here?"


Man 1: "There's a little inn in the town up the road."


Aiko: "Will you take us there?"


Hidaka (to himself): "What's she thinking?"


Man 1: "Sure thing."


As Aiko is getting out of the car, she notices Hidaka getting a book-bag out of the trunk of his car.


Aiko: "You came prepared?"


Hidaka: "Something like that!"




Eriko and Yuka are walking along the canal. The snow is gently falling. They're both bundled up a bit. They are shyly walking, not quite knowing what the distance between them should be (weaving closer and farther apart as they walk). The sky, the falling snow, the water on the bank, the tree branches, everything is vivid and sparkling.


Eriko (to herself): "Everything feels different, everything looks different today, is this what it feels like to be"


Eriko: "Ummm, I...can I...?"


She stops as she asks this. Yuka takes another step then stops and turns to face her.


Eriko (to herself): "Can I just come out and ask? Isn't that weird?"


Suddenly the wind gusts and Yuka's scarf gets caught and blown from her, floating in the air down the bank of the canal.


Eriko: "Oh, no! It'll get wet!"


Eriko takes a couple quick running steps down the hill but in the slickness of the light snow on the grass she slips and slides all the way down the hill on her back. Yuka is looking on in horror, but when Eriko gets to the bottom and stops, the scarf falls from the wind and covers Eriko's face. Eriko takes it off her face, sits up, and turns to look at Yuka at the top of the hill.


Eriko: "I...I got it."


At this, Yuka gives the biggest smile and goes running down the hill, slipping, tumbling, and ultimately sliding right into Eriko. Eriko catches her in her arms and they look at each other, staring into each others' eyes.


Eriko (to herself): "Like this, I feel like I could ask her anything."


Eriko: "Are we...can I..."


Yuka's face is urging her to go on.


Eriko: "I mean...last night...and we...are you..."


Yuka keeps urging her on.


Eriko: "Kiyoura-san, I...I...I love you! Please go out with me!"


Eriko closes her eyes tight as she says this, afraid to look at Yuka. Yuka puts a mittened hand on Eriko's cheek. She slowly moves her face close, closes her own eyes, and kisses Eriko ever so softly on the lips. Eriko blushes at this and her eyes pop open wide. When Yuka backs away she asks:


Eriko: "Is...does that mean...yes?"


Yuka nods up and down 'yes' very softly with a contended, peaceful, soft smile on her face.




At the little country inn, the men walk in with Hidaka and Aiko. There's a hunched-over old inn keeper in the tiny old inn. It's got a small restaurant on the ground floor with a couple rooms above.


Man: "These folks here slid off the road. We'll have to get XXX-kun to tow them out in the morning."


Inn-keeper: "Welcome, it looks like you weren't hurt?"


Hidaka: "Yes, thank you, we're fine. Can we trouble you for two rooms?"


Inn-keeper: "I'm very sorry, we only have a single room for guests. We don't get many visitors out here."


Aiko: "That will be fine. Thank you for your hospitality."


In the spartan room now.


Hidaka: "Should you call anyone?"


Aiko: "There's no one to call. I'm going to take a bath before dinner."


Hidaka: "Was that an invitation?"


Aiko: "You'll know when it's an invitation."


She enters the bathroom.


Hidaka: "So cold!"


Some time passes, Aiko showers and bathes.


Aiko comes out of the bathroom in a simple white robe. She's beautiful. She walks out and the table is spread with food.


Aiko: "What's this?"


Hidaka: "I asked them to bring up food from the restaurant. They said they'd make an exception for the cute couple."


Aiko: "I take it you didn't dispel them of that misunderstanding?"


Hidaka gives a deviant grin back to Aiko.




Suzu hears the door to the apartment open.


Suzu: "You're back early."


She goes over to the entrance and sees Eriko and Yuka standing in the entry, wet and shivering.


Suzu: "What happened?"


Yuka and Eriko turn to each other and smile.


Eriko: "Achoooo!"


Suzu: "Let's get you two warm."


Eriko in the bathtub in Suzu/Yuka's apartment.


Eriko (to herself): "It's like a dream. We...we kissed...twice! And I'm in her bathtub. She's here before!"


She blushes and dunks herself under the water. She squeezes her eyes tight with a huge smile while under the water. But with her eyes closed...



The blackness of the "cave dream" with the small light visible in the distance.


Voice: "NOOOO!!!! Don't leave me!!!"


Narration: "Someone needs help. The light is so close. I have to get there, I have to get out of here."


The sound of waves pounding. But we still only see darkness with the light of the opening ahead.


Narration: "Just keep crawling, faster...faster..."


In the darkness, a hand picks up something, its dripping, wet feathers.


Narration: "What...what's going on here?! Ahhhhh!"


The feathers get thrown and slide down a wall, leaving a trail of blood behind.


Voice: "Don't you dare leave me!!!!"


Narration: "I can save you...I can..."


The light opens up and it's a vision of the ocean with orange light, like at sunset, streaming over it.


VOICE: " could you..."


Narration: "Please, I'll do anything..."

[End dream]


Eriko gasps as she's caught underwater. She surfaces, coughing and disoriented. There is a single faint streak of diluted blood on the water surface, not much, and Eriko doesn't notice it.


Eriko (to herself): "What was that? Why do I keep seeing these things? Why today?"


Eriko comes out of the bathroom, drying her hair off with a towel, wearing some ill-fitting clothes of Suzu's.


Eriko: "Thank you...for the clothes."


Suzu: "Sorry they don't really fit. Why don't you stay for dinner while yours dry?"


Eriko: " that really...okay?"


Yuka is wrapped in a blanket on the couch, with clean clothes on. Yuka shakes her head 'yes' vigorously at the suggestion.

(to be continued...)

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