Sunday, July 22, 2018

Links for Breakfast

Sorry there hasn't been as much content here this week. I'm reading a book that will take a bit longer to finish (But is amazing!) and finishing up an anime for review. I also ordered a bunch of manga that will arrive Monday. So to keep you occupied, here are some of my favorite internettings for the past week:

Rachel Matt Thorn, the translator of Wandering Son, in an older essay she posted on Eurocentric views of manga character design.

A documentary making the festival rounds about the town in China that makes made-to-order replica paintings

A great concert by Chvrches posted on Youtube

This article about Flip Flappers has a nnice summary of Class S

This WIRED interview is about an amazing person and woman, and her story about forgoing children due to the pressures within her field is heart breaking.


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