Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rochester Roc Pride Parade 2018

We went to the Rochester, NY Roc Pride Parade today. It was awesome. We were so impressed by how long it was, how many groups marched (including a lot of churches, businesses, politicians as well as social service groups and just plain fun floats!). There was even a proposal, so cute! We all had a blast. Here's some pictures to celebrate! (The winner has to be gay black balloon Jesus...just wait till you see it >_<)

Gay Black Balloon Jesus FTW

YAY Roller Derby! They're really good, we saw them dominate a few weeks ago.

It's really not a parade without pole dancers. Much obliged.

Trans and libraries (and puns) - like peanut butter and jelly

One of only three unicorn floats, somewhat disappointed by the low turnout.

My favorite sign in the whole parade!


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