Thursday, June 28, 2018

Reporting Counterfeit Anime to Amazon

So I'm checking out anime on amazon (still looking for some deals on out-of-print used anime I'm missing - but that I watched legally on licensed streaming sites FYI) and what do I find but more Malaysian bootleg/counterfeit DVD releases. We know these are counterfeit because that country does not have the rights to release a region 1 DVD in the US for those films - they simply aren't the right's holder for a US release. Specifically I found the DVD for "A Silent Voice" (Koe No Katachi) which has yet to have a U.S. dvd/blu-ray release date set.

What really pissed me off about the bootleg (aside from robbing the creators of the income and the
publishers the income to justify continued releases of original material) was that it was marked as an "Amazon's Choice" meaning that it got Amazon's seal of approval and even said its fulfillment was by Amazon directly! Needless to say I reported it right away. Below is the transcript from my online chat with an Amazon rep:

Me: I found a counterfeit item for sale on Amazon and it's marked as an "Amazon's Choice" item on top of that.
You are now connected to Miheer from
Miheer: Hello, my name is Miheer. I'm here to help you today.
I'm really sorry that counterfeit item is for sale on Amazon and it has been marked as an "Amazon's Choice".
May I have the link for the item so that I could report it further?
It is a Malaysian bootleg of a movie not yet released in the US by the legal owner
Miheer: Thanks much!
Let me check the same for you.
I see.
I'm reporting this item to the Inventory team we have in our company , so that they could report it to the leadership team and get it removed at earliest.
Me: Thank you
Miheer: Thanks so much for letting us know. Could you please show us any article or something like that, which could prove that this is yet to be released?
Me: sure give me a second
Miheer: Thanks.
and I'll send another
Miheer: Thanks Jason. Let me check it.
you can scroll down on this one to see the dvd and blu-ray releases and it is only in the UK
Miheer: Okay.
Let me check,
Miheer: Thanks so much for all the articles.
I have escalated the issue to the Leadership team for the further actions and have attached all these articles to the report.
Me: thank you
Miheer: They would review all the cases and the articles you have provided and get it removed from the site upon confirmation.
Me: thank you 

So there you have it, I wonder how long (if) it will take to be removed? Please help creators by reporting these bootlegs/counterfeit products to Amazon and getting them removed. The only way there will be justification to release titles in the US is if people stop buying bootlegs so there will be real financial demand for the legal version of the products. 


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