Saturday, June 9, 2018

ReLIFE nailed it in a satisfying conclusion

Just finished watching ReLIFE on crunchyroll. I would highly recommend this to any romantics out there, particularly those who love a good, slow-moving school romance and a general feel-good show.

The show centers around a 27-year-old young man who has struggled in the wake of watching his mentor at work be bullied. As a result, he leaves the company and struggles to find solid footing again. When he is approached by a company to experiment with repeating his last year of high-school in an effort to reboot his emotional stability, he takes the chance and begins his senior year again. The one condition is that no one will remember him once the year is over.

He makes new friends quickly, but can't quite seem to pass his exams! More importantly, he is approached by a strange, melancholy, serious, but emotionally flat young woman trying to make the best out of her young life as well. He becomes her first friend and finds that helping her blossom helps him with his own ReLIFE. However, as he grows closer to his friends, there is the ever looming end of the year with the loss of memory that accompanies the program. How much is one willing to invest in a life where others will forget about them? Is he willing to grow knowing that his personal growth may come at others' expense?

It's a sweet show with a satisfying conclusion. The final four episodes aired separately as an OVA arc from the main show but are essential viewing. The last episode is skillfully done and puts the viewers through the range of character emotions as the lead's ReLIFE comes to an end. We get joy, sadness, and some hope. Just keep watching to the very last scene. Promise you will!

I'm not sure how my recommendation scale will work yet, but let's give this show a solid 8/10 which makes it highly recommended.


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