Saturday, May 7, 2022

Our Teachers are Dating Volume 4 (manga review)

Two adult women teachers holding hands, one has her other arm around the other, in front of a school on a clear day with flower petals floating in the air around them
    Somewhat unexpectedly, Our Teachers are Dating Volume 4 (Seven Seas) came shrink wrapped. I just assumed it was some weird Amazon warehouse thing. Well, for what is mostly a sweet, simple comedy/romance, it turns out the final chapter of this final volume was about as steamy as it gets. I was surprised there wasn't an explicit content warning on it actually, but the shrink wrap now makes sense. More on that to come.
    Our Teachers are Dating is a very light rom-com about two women teachers at a school who fall in love, date, and in this final volume, get married. It's a simple story. There is really no drama, no character growth, it's just meant as a feel-good story, I guess. I would honestly say that it's below average. Nice but nothing special.
    This final volume had the two women telling their families that they were planning on marrying which at least provided some interesting dynamics, especially when one family does not take it well to start. But honestly, there isn't much to say about this volume or series. Do you want to read a simple rom-com about two lesbians teachers falling in love? Do you not want to have to think while you read it because there is no depth? Then you're in luck.

    So let's instead talk about the final chapter in this final volume. Maybe I had forgotten stuff in the first three volumes (I'll have to go back and check), but I was not expecting a full-on graphic lesbian sex scene that lasts an entire chapter. But you know what, although I don't need this in manga form, it was actually one of the most honest depictions of lesbian sex in manga I've probably ever seen. 
    I won't get too graphic, but it had a tone of authenticity to it. Further, it managed to be explicit without being exploitative (although just barely). Sure it was a bit overt (although I wonder how much of that is the subliminal influence on the mangaka where she replicated visual styles from the more male-dominated graphic sex scenes in an unconscious way - I do wonder how a woman writing or drawing about sex, having never been exposed to how men have historically represented sex in media/art would choose to depict it? What would be different if they weren't having to fight through the unconscious bias and exposure to male visions of sex acts?) Anyway, as graphic as it was, and as somewhat disjointed from the tone of the rest of the volume, it wasn't an awful depiction of lesbian intimacy by any means.
       Should you read this volume? We'll if you've read the first three, might as well. If you haven't read this series the question is how desperate are you for adult yuri/lesbian romance in a manga? It's light, it's simple, it's what it is. 


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  1. this series is a favorite of mine haha I love simple feel good mangas. Thanks for your take on it!

    1. Thanks for reading my review. Feel good manga can be great! Nothing wrong with that. Any other series you think I should be reading that maybe I'm not? I'm always looking for new ones to pick up.


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