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Like a Butterfly volume 4 (manga review)

A school boy with a pleasant closed lip part smile in uniform with a butterfly
    Like a Butterfly vol. 4 by Suu Morishita (the duo behind Shortcake Cake) finally gets this story going. The firth three volumes had me a bit annoyed because I really felt like Suiren's character wasn't realistic. She was the perfect beauty who was too shy to talk other than answering questions in class, etc... I didn't so much mind Taichi's characters reservation around her since he did seem to talk to others and was just shy around her. 
    Thankfully, in this volume, they get past all the super awkward avoiding each other stuff and both put in effort to communicate with each other, spend time with each other, and actually move the burgeoning relationship along. That gives me hope that this series will spend some serious time with them as a couple and not linger on the will-they-won't-they (which has it's place, for sure) given that I didn't love the way her shyness was presented. 
    As always, the art is well done, and has plenty of screen tones and sparkles. For the most-part we don't get much in the way of detailed backgrounds and so the panel layouts are pretty simple, often headshots or shoulder up. But when they're doing realism, it's got a nice look to it. Certainly not my favorite manga art, but better than average.
    I'll definitely keep reading this series, especially now that it's actually going somewhere.


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