Sunday, March 17, 2019

On Temporary Hiatus

Thank you to all who have been reading and commenting on our manga, anime, book, and odds-and-ends reviews. I am on a temporary hiatus with no set return date.

As some of you know, I am a trans girl who finally come out to my wife and daughter (almost a year and a half-ago now). We have been working the past year and a half as a family on how this will effect us and things are going really well. Taking baby steps every so often and adjusting and getting stronger as a result. Things are great, but, things are also getting really busy.

Between work, family, and my transition-related things (like electrolysis 1-2 times per week), I'm finding myself quite busy. Also, I'm feeling mentally very exhausted with all the changes this is bringing in my life and our lives and processing all that. As a result, I'm just not able to get to this blog several times a week like I would like to. I'm still reading manga, watching anime, reading books, and writing (a bit) of my own stuff. But I need this as a formal hiatus so I don't feel like I'm just leaving this abandoned. I do hope to return shortly.

In the meantime, here are the series I'm currently reading that I would recommend. Please check them out (by buying them legitimately please):

Bloom Into You - a subtly different yuri series focusing on an asexual lead character

Hatsu Haru - a fun typical high-school shoujo with two really likable leads

Ao Haru Ride - one of the greatest shoujo series ever

Kiss & White Lily For My Dearest Girl - a nice yuri series focusing on many highschool pairings, the main couple makes it worth it.

Fruits Basket Another (where is volume 3?!?!?!?!) - a fun mini-series about the children of the characters from the original Fruits Basket

Nameless Asterism - a yuri high-school love triangle

Shortcake Cake - a traditional high-school shoujo series with a likable lead

After the Rain - a soft, subtle, understated series about a young girl and a middle aged man, and while that sounds creepy, it isn't in the least. An incredible, and unexpectedly great series.

The Delinquent Housewife! - broad comedy about a young woman, ex-gang member, who marries a business man who ends up leaving her with his family while he's away. Enter the younger brother who pines for his new sister-in-law.

Also, if you are interested in doing guest reviews in my absence, I'd love for you to contact me. The guidelines are simple:

1) You must legally read or watch the manga/anime. No reviewing fan subs, no scanlations. You must buy it, borrow it from a library, rent it, watch it on a LEGAL streaming service (Crunchyroll, HiDive, Amazon, Netflix), etc... No exceptions. We unilaterally and unequivocally support creators.

2) Your review must adhere to the values of this site, most importantly respecting all human life as amazing and important in all its diversity. We also support historically marginalized communities including racial and ethnic minorities, religious minorities, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and women (and yes, trans women are most definitely women!). We promote loving kindness and compassion in all we do.

3) Your review must be your original work and not owned by another site or publication. You must have full rights to use your work on this site.

4) I reserve the right to make all editorial decisions about what will and will not be posted on this site based on any and all criteria I so chose and may change that criteria and my mind at any point in time. I may revoke publication and remove content at any time for any reason I so chose. I make no promises to you or anyone. No contributor is entitled to any payment or ownership right in this site or its content in any way.

If that all sounds good, send an email to j a i m e l u s t i g @g m a i l .com or by using the contact/email link in the right-hand side bar with a suggested guest review.


I hope to see you all again in the near future as my time and mental energy return. But please know I, and the family, are doing really well. Miss you!
- Jaime

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