Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mock covers for my Yuri Manga - "In the Morning, I'll Say Hello"

I started writing my own yuri manga in December 2014. I finished the scripts just a week ago. 82 chapters and about 275,000 words later, "In the Morning, I'll Say Hello" is finished. From a writing standpoint. However, I can't draw. Not nearly well enough to do the art myself. I looked into hiring a freelancer but at that cost, there's no way I could afford it, even with a kickstarter fund. ($100/page minimum, 50 pages per chapter, 82 chapters...$410,000 yikes!)

I just don't think an original English yuri manga could ever sell anything close to what it would take for me to be able to self-publish. I'm going to send the scripts to a bunch of publishers, because why not try? You know hope springs...a leak...I mean eternal so I might as well try.

However, in the spirit of doing something with these, here are some mock covers I threw together for the series. I'm printing up some copies of the collected scripts for me, to have something that's physical and not just on my computer.

At least the blurbs on the back covers will give you a sense of the story. Hope you like it. I loved writing it! Just wish I could draw so I could do something with it. I'm open to suggestions.

Eriko and Yuka

Eriko and Yuka

Eriko and Yuka

I wanted the art for each volume to get progressively more angsty. To do that, the color of pink gets progressively darker, the art has (hopefully) more energy, and the imagery becomes more intense. Each of the three primary images relates to something from the text of the chapters from that volume. It was fun doing the art. First time I used my graphics tablet for an actual project. I used a Huion one. Pretty good given how inexpensive it was.

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