Monday, August 6, 2018

My 14-year-old daughter reviews Blade Runner (The Final Cut) and likes it!

We have our first guest blogger! My 14-year-old daughter and I sat down to watch Blade Runner(The Final Cut) after finding it used in a local store. I consider it possibly the greatest science fiction movie ever and was glad when she wanted to watch it. I was even more proud when she noted how different the film-making was from modern movies. I think she was more enthralled studying the cinematography than she was the movie's plot, but that's okay. It IS an amazing movie not only because of its story, but because it shows so much movie-making art that has been lost (or at least is different now). So without any further ado, here's my daughter's thoughts on Blade Runner (the Final Cut). ONLY MINOR SPOILERS FOLLOW.

As a fan of the original (Dad says only) Star Wars movies and a full blown Harrison Ford fan, I found this movie perfectly enjoyable. I've never been super interested in sci-fi films and books but I do enjoy Star Wars. This movie definitely broadened my scope of what Sci-Fi should be. Many of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy films I've seen have been fairly recent such as many of the Star Wars continuations (which Dad refuses to see). But Blade Runner was unlike anything I've ever seen.

The music was so unique and don't even get me started on the subtleness of the acting... absolute perfection! Possibly my favorite aspect of the film was the lighting. As a budding photographer, I spend a lot of time and energy looking at light, so I have a special appreciation for the original and uncommon use of light and its sources in this film. Particularly so in the scenes that take place in J.F Sebastian's apartment. The beams of light appear to be coming from helicopters or flying cars outside which assists in enhancing the illusion that we are in the future. The use, as well as the timing, of the beams helps the audience understand that this is a risky situation without the use of narration/exposition or clichéd music (ed. note: she means like big dramatic orchestral scores).

But by far the most astounding component of this film was the pacing... you actually got a chance to breathe! In many recent science fiction movies as well as similar genres, the plot and acting gets lost in a mixture of fast paced scenes and way too many explosions. Blade Runner has a very complex plot, so without those well placed pauses in action and dialogue the viewers would be completely lost. (It also has the perfect amount of explosions - none.)

My only problem with the movie has to do with what seems to me like a missed opportunity at an even richer plot. Rachael delivers a line Deckard about the possibility of him being a Nexus 6 himself "Did you ever take that test yourself?"  Deckard considers the thought for a moment then the possible plot line is dropped for the rest of the film (ed note: after she wrote this, we did discuss his unicorn dream and the origami unicorn left for him and the possible meanings - I'm so proud she picked up on this plot point!).

 Wow! What a wonderful movie! As a child of Generation Z and a movie fanatic it is simply refreshing to see such a well done movie. I highly recommend Blade Runner (the Final Cut) to anyone and everyone who loves well-made movies in general and science fiction specifically.

Stargirl here, thanks daughter for your insight. I'm happy to have another generation see and appreciate this seminal film and find value in it even though it is so (and maybe because of how) distinctly different it is than contemporary main-stream movie-making. She actually came away from the Han Solo movie saying how boring it is. That's right Hollywood, are you listening, more explosions don't make something more interesting. Emotions do! Thanks Daughter! Hope to get you back here soon for more of your perspectives on life, movies, and anything else!


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